About Us

Love, sex, and marriage for woke folk


What We Do: We publish Catalyst Wedding Magazine, the first-ever print wedding magazine with a feminist consciousness, and we host events to increase diverse representation in the wedding industry, such as our traveling workshop {un}convention.

Mission: Our aspiration is to increase diverse representation in wedding media and to engage in critical dialogue about love, sex, marriage, and weddings. We seek to empower our community of readers and business owners to bring race, gender, sexuality, class, bodies, and more into the conversation.

Why It Matters: Catalyst applies feminist values in three ways: diversifying representation, challenging gendered roles, and standing for equal rights


Meet Our Staff

Liz Susong
Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Being the editor of Catalyst means that I have the privilege of providing a platform for unique and diverse voices. Everyone has a story to tell, and I get to witness that story from initial pitch to published-in-print. I also have the opportunity to select a set of themes that I feel harmonize together to tell an even bigger narrative about what it means to love in this moment in time. AND I WORK IN PAJAMAS.

Jen Siomacco
Creative Director

It's so easy to sell the Catalyst brand when you feel 100% confident in what you are delivering to the public! Being able to mesh together my love of feminism, love stories, equality and design means my days are filling with pretty awesome activities. And I also get to work with Liz everyday in my pajamas. #winning

Carly Romeo

Collaborations are one of my favorite things in the world, and maybe it's because I'm a cusp-of-a-millenial but I really value getting together with people in real life and making shit happen. I love meeting wedding professionals from around the world who have the same dedication to equality and representation and helping them work together to make beautiful things.

Amber Marlow

Amber Marlow
Photo Submissions Editor

Amber Marlow is a New York City wedding and elopement photography with more than seven years of experience working with amazing couples. 

I've long been an advocate of inclusivity in my business. When I started in 2010, my motto was "photography for everyone" because being a wedding photographer willing to take on same-sex couples was, even in New York City, something I needed to spell out explicitly. I love working with couples and other woke wedding professionals to create wedding days, and a wedding industry, that is inclusive, feminist, and egalitarian. I'm a New Yorker, world traveler, and rescue dog mom. 


Katie Wannen
Advertising & Sponsorship Coordinator

I'm a wedding planner and owner of The Plannery, a boutique DC-based event planning company (where ideas become events and sh*t gets done). I giddily enjoy planning weddings and other events for everyone, and therefore was obsessed with Catalyst Wed Co and its mission from the very beginning. I'm super-thrilled to join the team. I'm a feminist, pop-culture junkie who loves eating my husband's delicious cooking, playing with my 2 year old daughter, and fanatically organizing family travel plans.

Our Board of Community Ambassadors


Our community ambassadors consult on the content direction, programs, and mission of Catalyst in a volunteer capacity for a six-month period. If you are interested in joining our advisory board for the 2018 period, please contact liz@catalystwedco.com

Shawnee Custalow

Shawnee Custalow
Photographer, A Lovely Photo

I'm a queer feminist wedding and portrait photographer with a big heart and a no-fuss kind of attitude. I'm always excited to get to work with progressive members of the wedding community and to help educate or assist others in any way I can. I'm looking forward to collaborating with like-minded folks and advocating for such a forward thinking organization.

Chanda Monique Daniels

Chanda Eddens
Wedding and Event Producer, A Monique Affair

I have been designing and planning weddings in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1999 when I founded A Monique Affair. A born natural at styling, coordinating and planning events, my years of design experience have established me as an expert in my field. My qualified knowledge combined with my passion for events provides A Monique Affair with an admirable element of professionalism. 

Amber Marlow

Amber Marlow
Photographer, Amber Marlow Photography

I've long been an advocate of inclusivity in my business. When I started in 2010, my motto was "photography for everyone", because being a wedding photographer willing to take on same-sex couples was, even in New York City, something I needed to spell out explicitly. I love working with couples and other woke wedding professionals to create wedding days, and a wedding industry, that is inclusive, feminist, and egalitarian. I'm a New Yorker, world traveler, and rescue dog mom. 

Bri McDaniels

Bri McDaniels
Photographer, Bri McDaniels Photography

I'm a wedding photographer passionate about Chipotle, trap music, and diversity. For too long the wedding industry has fooled us into thinking only one type of couple is getting married, but we all know that's simply not the case. There are so many beautiful and unique love stories that deserve to be told in a dynamic way, and I embrace that as my mission. I am so pumped to be included in an organization that matches these values and empower couples to celebrate their love. The Catalyst community has an explosive message, and I'm excited to scream it from the rooftops.

Jaime Patterson

Jaime Patterson
Photographer, Hidden Exposure Photography

Hi, my name's Jaime and I'm a body-positive lifestyle, family, boudoir, wedding, and portrait photographer based out of Richmond Va. I believe everyone has a unique story to tell, and I want to be on hand to hear it, capture it, and share it with the world! I love those moments that you may miss — that shy smile from your partner when you think they're not looking, how your hand rests on your belly when your baby kicks, the way your eyes sparkle when you see your person walk down the aisle, and the way you embrace your whole self when wearing your best outfit and truly looking as sexy as you feel. I think every body, every relationship, and every family deserves to be seen.


Regular Contributors


Rebecca Anger

Rebecca Anger

Rebecca Anger is a disabled social activist and an aspiring attorney in Chicago, focusing on health and civil rights law. When she is not fighting injustice, she likes to cook and create new recipes and spend time with her husband.  

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Arley Arrington 

Arley Arrington is the owner of Arley Cakes, which provides unique baked goods for celebrations, events, or just because you need a pie! Arley hopes to someday open a bakery that empowers women from low-income neighborhoods by providing job opportunities and mentoring. She also works as the baker at Brookville Restaurant

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Michelle Avitia

Michelle Avitia works in Los Angeles as a bridal stylist at both The Blushing Bird in Toluca Lake, and Bride Boutique LA in Echo Park. Besides styling, Michelle is a freelance writer who writes about the wedding industry from the perspective of an intersectional feminist. She also may, or may not run an anonymous twitter account that critiques the bridal industry. 

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Jamie Carle

Jamie Carle

Jamie is the owner of Jamie Carle Photography and resides in Vancouver, WA. Her background was always in videography. She was an AV nerd in high school and president of her school video club. When college came, she decided to major in graphic design and put video second. She became pregnant — and knowing she'd be a single mother — she made the choice to put off school while she worked, scraped, and saved. One way she was able to stay creative and sane was photography. Through thousands of photos of her baby, she was able to keep doing something really special.

She found a new passion and moved from her own child to other children, which then expanded into all kinds of family portraiture. She was asked if she offered wedding services, and at the time was floored. So she became a second shooter for another photographer and learned some ins and outs of the wedding business. This has become her favorite thing to do — capture love and tell your story.

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Rebekeh Erev

Rebekah Erev is an ordained Kohenet (Hebrew Priestess), who officiates weddings, commitment ceremonies and rituals. She specializes in helping people negotiate their distinct spiritual and secular backgrounds and blend their individual customs to create beautiful, unique ceremonies. A queer, feminist artist who works in object-making, ritual, performance and the written word, Erev self-published the Moon Angel / Malakh Halevanah deck and book, a modern day spiritual tool that centers the care of our bodies, nurtures our intuition, inspires creativity and honors the cycles of the earth.

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The Family Narrative

The Family Narrative

Annemie, Kate, Posy, and Meghan came together this past winter in Santa Barbara and connected over a mutual love of community and education. The Family Narrative, a retreat for family photographers, was an idea born out of wanting to inspire other family photographers, create community, and to learn themselves after being in the industry for quite some time. Strangely, that seemed like a tough combination to find, but sometimes if you want something new and interesting, you just have to create it yourself.

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Jordan Maney

Jordan Maney

Jordan A. Maney is a San Antonio-based wedding planner and owner of All The Days Event Co. She she started her company as a planning haven for all the couples the industry chooses to ignore. Instead of just making a brand, she's building a community. Find more of her sass, humor, and Southern hospitality at allthedaysweddings.com.

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rebecca perea-kane.jpg

Rebecca Perea-Kane

Rebecca Perea-Kane is a writer and designer based in Charlottesville, Virginia. She spends her time working on her jewelry line, Thicket, traipsing through the woods with her dog, Arthur, practicing yoga, and writing poetry. She works as the production manager for Mi Ossa, a jewelry and leather goods company.

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Becky Scott

Becky Scott

Becky Scott is a writer based in New York who loves The Bachelor and is great at giving humorous advice.

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Frances Lee

Frances Lee is a queer designer, trans baker, cultural studies scholar.

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Brittney Taylor

Brittney Taylor is a freelance makeup artist located in Cameron, North Carolina. She has been working in this area for three years doing event makeup, as well as print and some runway. This year she will be working to build a bridal artistry business that will be fully mobile. She studied makeup artistry at makeup artist studios in Richmond, Virginia, and from there developed her aesthetic. She spends a lot of time studying past artists, as well as trends today. She believes that everyone is beautiful, and her job is to enhance that! 

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Shae Washington

Shae Washington

Obsessed with podcasts, coffee and her wife, Shae lives in the Washington, D.C. area. She writes and speaks about social justice issues and her life as a gay Christian. 

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Wood Grain & Lace Events

Wood Grain & Lace Events

Wood Grain & Lace Events is a wedding planning company in Richmond, Virginia, owned and operated by Christine Greenberg. Christine and her team of planners, including Ciera Pope, Heather Kemman, Noelle Yount, and Keneil Rainey, work with Catalyst Wedding Co. to write a regular column titled "Ask a Wedding Planner." Their column focuses on questions that often are overlooked in the wedding planning process. 

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