Real Couples // The Poes' Dark Wave Anniversary Photos

The Poes are one badass, game-changing couple: she a Surgical Trauma nurse by night and he a University professor of Social Justice by day and goth DJ by night. Their life breathes an unconventional yet genuine aesthetic, remaining 110% true to themselves in everything they do and create in their world together. So naturally for their anniversary shoot they chose some pretty off-beat locations that were meaningful to the Poes if no one else; starting with an abandoned racetrack and ending inside of and on top of the warehouse they used to reside in. This power couple's love remains deep, inspiring and undying.

Images coutesy of photographer Jamie Allio

Jamie Allio is a storyteller living and creating in downtown Phoenix. It is her journey as a mother that most inspires her to photograph the people around her in a truthful & authentic way...imperfections, darkness and all.