Celebrating Jen & Cameron's 1-Year Anniversary

All photos by Betty Clicker Photography

Our Creative Director, Jen, is celebrating one year of marriage today with her honey, Cameron, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to share a look into their big day. 

Even though Jen and Cameron originally considered eloping, they knew that it was very important to Jen's family that they have a big church wedding. They compromised by getting married in a historic church in downtown Charlottesville, The Haven, which has been converting into a day shelter for the Charlottesville homeless community. Couples who want to get married in the space are asked to make a donation to the day shelter, which makes it a no-brainer when you know you can get married in a stunning location and also give back to the community. 

A large portion of Cameron's family is Jewish, and so it was important to incorporate Jewish traditions into their ceremony. For example, they opted for the Jewish tradition of having both sets of parents walk them each down the aisle (as a way to include their parents but smash the patriarchy) and smashed a glass at the end of their ceremony to celebrate the start of their new life together.

They also called on family members to officiate the wedding and DJ the reception, and many friends from the Catalyst community to help make their day happen, including our co-founder Carly, Brandon and Marita from Slingin' Pretty, Kate Thompson of Betty Clicker Photography, and Amanda Burnette Florals. Overall, it was just as much a celebration of their families and friends as it was a celebration of their commitment to one another.