Real Couples // A Destination Wedding on Loving Day: Lacey + Tiffany

The day we got married was June 12, 2015. We met two years before that on June 12, 2013. Through a coworker, we found out that June 12 was actually a day called Loving Day. It is named after the interracial couple, Mildred and Richard Loving, whose case managed to make it to the Supreme Court and legalize interracial marriage in the United States in 1967. It was a no-brainer for us that it would also be the day we decided on forever. 

We traveled to Colorado from Texas with our closest of close for our wedding weekend, which was the ultimate adventure and an amazing beginning to our life as one! very detail and moment of the day could not have been any better. We did yoga in the morning with natural sunlight flooding the room while the smell of bacon filled the air as one of our friends prepared breakfast. Our entire wedding was DIY, including the dresses (Lacey sewed every stitch!). We spent the majority of the day enjoying the company of 14 of our dearest friends and family, putting together the bouquets, baking the cake, and enjoying bottomless mimosas we had provided all weekend. The day was perfect. We said our vows at the top of a mountain overlooking Lake Dillon and then enjoyed an intimate dinner back at the lodge where speeches were given, lots of laughter happened, and because we almost forgot to sign our marriage license, we did that in our pajamas! We felt so fortunate and grateful to have found Cassandra Zetta because she captured every lovely and silly moment we had that day. 

When we met, we would talk and dream about all the places we wanted to travel. "Fernweh" is a German word meaning an ache for distant places, a craving for travel. It describes us perfectly. Two weeks before our wedding, we decided to get it tattooed on our shoulders. Planning a destination wedding in Colorado was perfectly us, and we wouldn't have changed a thing.

Photos by Cassandra Zetta

Photo by Ryan Deasley

Photo by Ryan Deasley

After Cassandra Zetta married her husband in 2012, she found her true passion and purpose: photographing LGBTQ+ weddings and love stories. Her mission is to provide a safe place for all couples to share their love openly and honestly. When not behind the lens, Cassandra enjoys spending time with her beloved husband, four animals, traveling the states, and reading as many inspirational books as she can.