Real Couples // Rainy Catskills Wedding: Aubrey + Jake
Ella Sophie Sophie Wedding Photography groom with groomsman Ella Sophie Wedding Photography groomsmen adjusting tie Ella Sophie Wedding Photography ring box and ring Ella Sophie Wedding Photography groom having drinks Ella Sophie Wedding Photography pouring drink Ella Sophie Wedding Photography groom writing in journal Ella Sophie Wedding Photography bride getting ready Ella Sophie Wedding Photography obvious head-over-heels love that Aubrey and Jake have for each other. Words and Photos by Ella Sophie Ella
6 Creative Floral Trends to Make Your Wedding Stand Out
Ella Sophie Florals by Ask+Oak Photographer Ella Sophie and Florist Ask and Oak styled this shoot for ! This succulent bow tie is my new personal favorite. 2. Floral Draped Wheelchairs Photo by Ella Sophie and
Styled Inspiration // Crimson Bridal Boudoir
Ella Sophie Silver ring inset with jewel Creative Team Model | Cami Annette Photographer | Ella Sophie Florist practices. So they were the perfect fit for this boudoir shoot. Words and photos by Ella Sophie   Woman | Ashley, Ash+OAK Jewelry | Pavé Makeup | Jessica Quintal ELLA SOPHIE I’m Ella Sophie, I’m a visual
Out of the Box Challenge // Bay Area Creatives
Ella Sophie Styled Shoot with Floral Wheelchair Local Vendors Photographer | Ella Sophie | @ellasophiephoto Flowers , eclectic shoot supplies to be incorporated into a styled wedding shoot. Photographer Ella Sophie explains ." Coordination, design, and photography by the power team of Ella Sophie Photo and Ash+OAK Bay Area
Roundup // 10 Ways An Outdoor Ceremony Sets the Scene for Your Marriage
outdoor wedding and showed how romantic moody weather can be. Ella Sophie 5. Come Together at the
10 Wedding Desserts That Will Rock Your World
Ella Sophie Mosqueda. Photo by Ella Sophie 8. Know Thyself: Champagne. Here in Richmond we keep it straight-forward
Adapting to the Ordinary // DOs and DON’Ts of a Disability “Woke” Business
Photo by Ella Sophie from the Out of the Box Challenge When working with clients with disabilities
Ella Sophie Photo
Ella Sophie Photo’s mission is to create photos that empower women, and to make fine art quality Ella Sophie Photo
by Kat Wooten Boudoir Submissions Boudoir Sessions - Photo by Ella Sophie Photography
Northern California Wedding Vendors
Jump To: Photo & Video Destination Travel Floral Design Gifts & Registries Jewelry Paper Goods Wellness Photo & Video Vivian Chen photography Bay Area California Vivian Chen Oakland, California "I'm a documentary travel and wedding photographer focused on candid moments and genuine portraits. Lover of the great outdoors, epic landscapes and redwood forests." LEARN MORE > Rachelle Rawlings Photography Sonoma Rachelle Rawlings Photography Napa, Sonoma, San Francisco, Oakland, greater Bay Area "I believe that being a photographer is about more than taking photos – it’s about people. I love getting to know you, helping you feel comfortable and excited about being photographed, and creating something beautiful and meaningful together. My approach to photographing weddings, couples and families is laid back and simple. I strive to capture you and your love as it really is!" LEARN MORE > MArble Rye Photography Oakland Los Angeles Marble Rye Photography Oakland & Los Angeles "I believe we are put on this earth to experience love — platonic, familial, romantic. I live in a sweet little apartment in oakland, california, with my favorite human (slash husband), Charlie. One day we'll get ourselves a dog. I got hooked on photography when i was 22. I took a Polaroid in Chennai, India of my rickshaw driver Sami, and his girlfriend. She held the photo to her heart and asked if she could keep it. Quickly, a swarm of children surrounded us — each shouting for their turn." LEARN MORE > Ella Sophie Photo Oakland Bay Area Ella Sophie Oakland CA, Bay Area, Napa & Traveling "I'm an artist first and a wedding photographer second, I am not in the industry for the money but rather for the passion I have for true love. I'm always pushing my clients to do what they really want. You will never catch me telling someone they 'have' to do something because its a wedding standard, instead I tell my clients that they should do what makes them happy and stress free." LEARN MORE > Shawnee C Photography Shawnee C Photography Richmond, Virginia & Worldwide
Northwest U.S. Wedding Vendors
their turn." LEARN MORE > Ella Sophie Photo Oakland Bay Area Ella Sophie Oakland CA, Bay Area, Napa
Destination Wedding Vendors
Area Ella Sophie Oakland CA, Bay Area, Napa & Traveling "I'm an artist first might have mixed feelings about the whole 'wedding' thing." LEARN MORE > Ella Sophie Photo Oakland Bay
Wedding Photography & Videography
." LEARN MORE > Ella Sophie Photography Bay Area San Francisco Wedding Photographer Ella Sophie Oakland
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