Catalyst is so pleased to announce that we are offering one full scholarship for Woo Woo Weekend sponsored by Lucid Punk Apparel!

Learn more about Lucid Punk Apparel below!

Lucid punks have clarity of self and the strength to let their bright light shine. They don’t live up to anyone’s expectations but their own. Their worth isn’t measured by the width of their hips, the color of their skin, or the curl of their hair. They know themselves and own themselves...they're lucidly dope!

But sometimes it’s hard to always find and connect to that strength…sometimes you need a reminder.

Lucid Punk mantra tees merge high vibrations with urban culture. 

So what makes Lucid Punk different than any other athleisure wear line? Our tees are infused with Reiki! Yep...the energy of the Divine! We're sending lots of positive energy through every thread; a boost of power fills every word!

Think of your Lucid Punk tee as your cloak of armor, your superwoman cape. Your inner badass, worn on the outside…how dope is that?!

Lucid Punk Apparel and Catalyst Wed Co. will work together to select a candidate for the Woo Woo Weekend Scholarship who is making positive change in the world and demonstrates financial need. Please fill out the form below to demonstrate your interest in the scholarship. The winner will be contacted Wednesday, March 1, 2017!

Woo Woo Weekend is March 10-12, 2017 outside of Richmond. Retreat details can be found here!

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