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Love, sex, and marriage for woke folk


Our aspiration is to increase diverse representation in wedding media and to engage in critical dialogue about love, sex, marriage, and weddings. We seek to empower our community of readers and business owners to bring race, gender, sexuality, class, bodies, and more into the conversation.

Why It Matters: Catalyst applies feminist values in three ways: diversifying representation, challenging gendered roles, and standing for equal rights


Meet Our Staff

Photo by Tiffany Josephs Photography

Jen Siomacco, CEO & Editor-in-Chief

Jen Siomacco is a co-owner of Catalyst. As CEO and Editor-in-Chief she blends together her years of corporate marketing and web design experience with her love of feminism and inclusive celebrations of love.

Jen is an advocate for web accessibility and best practices. She strives to not only create wedding content that is useful for all couples, but to create a thoughtful online platform that everyone can engage with.

Her enneagram type is 2 and she is a Myers-Briggs INFJ, and as such approaches most people and situations with empathy and intuition. As an introvert, she will usually do everything in her power not to leave the house. She’s watched Bob’s Burgers and Buffy the Vampire Slayer more times than she can count. She’s into all things witchy, her wardrobe is almost entirely black, and she has a large collection of gemstones, herbs, and essential oils. If you ask her really nicely, she’ll put together a custom spell kit for you.

Jen lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, with her husband and their eight (yes, eight!) cats.

Amber Marlow

Amber Marlow, Chief Revenue Officer & Photo Submissions Editor

Amber Marlow is thrilled to be a new co-owner of Cataylst. She appreciates when luxury and whimsy intersect, and is passionate about making the wedding industry more inclusive as a matter of course.

Amber is also a wedding photographer in New York City, with an exciting variety of diverse clients, and has also photographed weddings around the world. She is an enthusiastic international traveler, and knows that the best things in the world are wine & cheese nights, rooftop cocktails, second-hand bookstores, tiny bistros, tropical climates, getting her makeup done, indie hotels, excellent design, pretty shoes that are also magically comfortable, and when it’s someone’s birthday.

Her collection of vintage Christmas records is getting ridiculous. She swears it is un-ironic.

She believes in kindness, handwritten notes, champagne toasts, doing the fun thing instead of the cool thing, authentic moments, real families, fictive kinship, genuine over perfect, well-made and tailored over trendy fast fashion, old dogs, new passport stamps, and live jazz.

She lives in Brooklyn with her husband.


Editorial Team

Photo by Amanda Summerlin

Cindy Savage, Assistant Editor

Cindy Savage is the lead wedding planner and owner of Aisle Less Traveled, based in St. Louis. She helps independent, feminist, and LGBTQ+ people plan meaningful weddings while keeping their budgets and their sanity intact. She firmly believes that everyone who has found love deserves a great wedding, no matter what size their budget is - and to make that a reality, she invented Choose Your Own Wedding, an internet-based wedding planning subscription to offer comprehensive planning support at an affordable price.

When she's not planning weddings, she can usually be found living her best introvert life: reading books, crafting, talking to her internet friends, drinking wine, wearing stretchy pants, and exercising complete control over the remote!

Jordan Maney

Jordan Maney, Assistant Editor

Jordan A. Maney is a San Antonio-based wedding planner and owner of All The Days Event Co. She she started her company as a planning haven for all the couples the industry chooses to ignore. Instead of just making a brand, she's building a community. Find more of her sass, humor, and Southern hospitality at allthedaysweddings.com.

Michaela Dietz

Michaela Dietz, Editorial Assistant

Michaela is a graduate from the University of Cincinnati and serves as an editorial assistant on our team.




Liz Susong, Co-Founder

Carly Romeo, Co-Founder


Regular Contributors


Rebecca Anger

Rebecca Anger

Rebecca Anger is a disabled social activist and an aspiring attorney in Chicago, focusing on health and civil rights law. When she is not fighting injustice, she likes to cook and create new recipes and spend time with her husband.  

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Jamie Carle

Jamie Carle

Jamie is the owner of Jamie Carle Photography and resides in Vancouver, WA. Their background was always in videography. They were an AV nerd in high school and president of their school video club. When college came, Jamie decided to major in graphic design and put video second. They became pregnant — and knowing they’d be a single parent — they made the choice to put off school while they worked, scraped, and saved. One way Jamie was able to stay creative and sane was photography. Through thousands of photos of their baby, Jamie was able to keep doing something really special.

Jamie found a new passion and moved from their own child to other children, which then expanded into all kinds of family portraiture. Jamie was asked if they offered wedding services, and at the time was floored. Jamie became a second shooter for another photographer and learned some ins and outs of the wedding business. This has since become their favorite thing to do — capture love and tell your story.

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Meghan Ely

Meghan Ely is the owner of wedding PR and wedding marketing firm OFD Consulting. Ely is a sought-after speaker, adjunct professor in the field of public relations, and a self-professed royal wedding enthusiast.

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Vanessa Londono

Vanessa Londono is one of those New Yorkers who refuses to live anywhere else. She spends a lot of her time focused on community building online and in her neighborhood. She lives and works in Brooklyn, taking the occasional afternoon break to walk her sidekick Loki the puppy.

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Jordan Maney

Jordan Maney

Jordan A. Maney is a San Antonio-based wedding planner and owner of All The Days Event Co. She she started her company as a planning haven for all the couples the industry chooses to ignore. Instead of just making a brand, she's building a community. Find more of her sass, humor, and Southern hospitality at allthedaysweddings.com.

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Jaime Patterson

Jaime Patterson

Jaime is a body-positive lifestyle, family, boudoir, wedding, and portrait photographer based out of Richmond, Virginia. She believes everyone has a unique story to tell, and she wants to be on hand to hear it, capture it, and share it with the world! She loves those moments that others may miss — that shy smile from your partner when you think they're not looking, how your hand rests on your belly when your baby kicks, the way your eyes sparkle when you see your person walk down the aisle, and the way you embrace your whole self when wearing your best outfit and truly looking as sexy as you feel. She thinks every body, every relationship, and every family deserves to be seen.

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Karla Villar

Karla Villar

Karla is a Brooklyn-based wedding officiant and love storyteller. She’s the queer/immigrant half of the sister-duo at Once Upon A Vow. She’s excited about the prospects of traveling and marrying more rainbow lovers in NYC and beyond.

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Shae Washington

Shae Washington

Obsessed with podcasts, coffee and her wife, Shae lives in the Washington, D.C. area. She writes and speaks about social justice issues and her life as a gay Christian. 

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Wood Grain & Lace Events

The Hive Wedding Collective

The Hive Wedding Collective is a wedding planning company in Richmond, Virginia, owned and operated by Christine Greenberg. Christine and her team of planners, including Ciera Pope, Heather Kemman, Noelle Yount, and Keneil Rainey, work with Catalyst Wedding Co. to write a regular column titled "Ask a Wedding Planner." Their column focuses on questions that often are overlooked in the wedding planning process. 

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