Urban Set Bride

Richmond, Virginia

"We strive to make the bridal gown shopping experience transparent, fun and stress-free. We find ourselves constantly saying "it's just a dress. it's not a big deal. this is about more than your outfit." Weddings are celebrations and we want you to feel confident and be able to stay true to yourself. But we don't believe it's going to be the best day of your life. It will be a kick ass day, but it will be the start of even more adventures to come. Let's not take this whole thing so seriously, we want you to have some fun!"


The Groomsman Suit

Chicago, Illinois & Online Nationwide

"The idea for TGS was born from Jeanne and Kevin’s personal experience planning their 2013 New Year’s Eve wedding. With no other options available to affordably outfit their groomsmen, they were forced to go the usual rental route only to be incredibly inconvenienced and disappointed by the pick-up/drop-off logistics, poor fit, and $250 per tuxedo price tag. Using her fashion industry and design experience, Jeanne set out to create a new solution for black tie attire: a sharp looking tuxedo that could be purchased for less than the cost of a traditional rental. TGS was co-founded by Jeanne and Kevin Foley and Diana Ganz. On a fulltime basis, Jeanne and Diana manage all aspects of the company’s operations."


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