Sponsor Highlight: Urban Set Bride

Company: Urban Set Bride/Wood Grain & Lace Events

Owner: Christine Haines, CEO

City: Richmond

Tagline: A safe haven for the offbeat bride

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1.    How are you a “game-changer” in the wedding industry? 

Within our bridal shop, we are nestled in a residential area of the city and take only one appointment at a time. So, on top of offering a boutique collection of wedding gowns for the trendy, awesome, vintage-inspired bride, we offer a no-pressure, cozy atmosphere to make the shopping process FUN!

2.    What inspires you to “do weddings differently”?

As a wedding planner, I see couples get wrapped up in small details and drive themselves insane. My goal as a planner is to always remind them of the big picture and to focus on the three major details they want their guests to remember and let the rest fall to the sidelines. At the end of the day, you have found a life-long partner. That’s pretty bad ass. So, celebrate, don’t stress.

Photo by Desjar Photography

Photo by Desjar Photography

3.    What is one of your favorite creative, offbeat projects you’ve worked on?

I did a vow renewal party that was Great Gatsby themed this fall. It was so nice to not have to work within the constraints of a wedding ceremony and reception. The couple renewed their vows with close family and showed up to a blinged out, laid back party atmosphere. No cake cutting, no speeches, no stress. Just fancy cocktails, great music, and fringe for days.

4.    What are three ingredients for a perfect day at your company?

Party spanx (everything goes smoothly, but none of your guests notice why), timely email responses from clients, and snacks! No one wants a hangry bridal shop owner or wedding planner.

5.    If you were in charge, what would the next big wedding trend be?

Sleepaway camp wedding! Book a summer camp for a fall or spring wedding and your whole crew hangs out in cabins, roasts marshmallows, tells ghost stories and canoes in the lake all weekend!

6.    What are you most looking forward to at {un}convention?

I’m excited to create more allies in this industry that are like-minded, positive and awesome.

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