Sponsor Highlight: Mug of Love Weddings

Company: Mug of Love Weddings

Creator: Liz Susong

Cities: Washington, D.C., Ohio, Colorado

Tagline: Bringing people together and weddings to life!

Brief description of company & services: Mug of Love is an offbeat wedding planner, coordinator, and DIY project boss.

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1.   How are you a “game-changer” in the wedding industry?

Weddings are community celebrations, and while I love a good wedding detail, I think they should be selected to honor the couple's unique partnership or to facilitate community building and fun. Also, I'm calm, unlike many planners.

2.   What inspires you to “do weddings differently”?

I love leaving a wedding weekend feeling closer to the people I experienced it with and excited for a couple's future. I also think the planning process can be really mindful and rewarding if done intentionally.

3.   What is one of your favorite creative, offbeat projects you’ve worked on?

Starting Catalyst Wedding Co. with Two Spoons Photography is thrilling. I'm excited to be a voice for all love, all people, and all bodies in the wedding industry. I'm also looking forward to writing some articles that apply critical analysis to wedding-related issues. The personal is political! 

Photo by Val & Sarah

5.   What are three ingredients for a perfect day at your company?

Red lipstick, my sewing machine, and my sidekick. 

6.   If you were in charge, what would the next big wedding trend be?

Gourmet coffee bars, mismatching for days, and extended celebrations 

7.   What are you most looking forward to at {un}convention?

The serendipitous styled shoot is going to be rad. I can't wait to build community with creative, entrepreneurial souls!

Photo by rachel joy photos

Photo by rachel joy photos