Sponsor Highlight: Guard n Flags

Company: Guard n Flags

Owners: Elisa Rios & Emma Barnes

City: Richmond 

Tagline: Re-claim Re-member, Re-present

guard n flags logo

1.    How are you a “game-changer” in the wedding industry?

The custom design, and print work we make at Guard n Flags offers wedding clients the opportunity to order objects that commemorate their union beyond their wedding day. The objects we construct can be used again at anniversary parties or passed down through the family! By basing our flags and banners around our client’s personal expression, we work to emphasize the individual in a way that redefines what a wedding should feel or look like. 

Guard N Flags people holding flag reading "re-claim, re-member, re-present"

2.     What inspires you to “do weddings differently”?

It goes back to our tagline! Re-claim Re-member, Re-present. We want to create flags, banners, and objects that are significant and decorative but also functional and practical. We strive to not be generic, reclaiming what art can be, what print can be, what weddings can be. 

3.     What is one of your favorite creative, offbeat projects you’ve worked on?

Well recently, being the nerds that we are, we combined Drake lyrics and Robert Frost poetry... as well as pony prints with Ginuwine lyrics, and last but not least a combination of Seal’s Kiss From a Rose with Gertrude Stein. Projects like this are crucial because they represent us and our interests. We want our work with wedding clients to do the same — to create visual mashup of a couple. 

medieval hip hop flags slash horse race slash valentines day flags!

medieval hip hop flags slash horse race slash valentines day flags!

4.    What are three ingredients for a perfect day at your company?

A dash of school boy Q, 4 cups of patience, 1 bottle of wine

5.     If you were in charge, what would the next big wedding trend be?

More flags and banners! More people doing what they wanted and without spending a lot of money. We want to make flags that are personal and can be used again by couples at an accessible price. 

Guard N Flags folding flag

6.     What are you most looking forward to at {un}convention?

We want to learn how to make things more practical and accessible for people and how to market that!

Guard N Flags flag with logo