{un}convention is heading west!

When Liz and I created {un}convention, we knew there would be other places in the US (and around the world) where the typical wedding industry crap wasn't gonna fly — and where {un}convention could flourish! The November event in Richmond, VA was a hit in so many ways, it seemed greedy to keep it all to ourselves on the east coast!

So we're thrilled to announce that {un}convention Spring 2015 will take place in Fort Collins, Colorado on April 18! 

We picked Fort Collins for many reasons: First, we wanted to keep the focus on smaller cities that don't usually get much attention compared to their larger neighbors. Second, we wanted a place where we knew there would be interest in community-building among wedding vendors who do things a little differently, and we found that in abundance in Fort Collins. We can barely believe how lucky we are to be partnering with Cassie Rosch Photography, who will act as our local liaison and help us find the perfect sponsors for what is sure to be a funky, fun, delicious, invigorating day! Third, Liz used to live there and so has a little bit of an inside scoop on all the coolest spots to shoot and hang out. And finally, Colorado is just awesome.

Want to get involved? Sign up for our mailing list or email us directly. We're looking for badass professionals in the area who are willing to contribute dinner, flowers, outfits, and dessert (in exchange for free admission) and we'll be doing a model call soon for an adorable couple!

{un}convention Colorado date and registration date