Business We Believe In: Skirven & Croft

Meet Ali, Owner of Skirven & Croft!

1.  What is the mission of Skirven & Croft?

To put it simply, our mission is to design for fun. We’re building a business that allows us to deliver top-notch visual solutions that work for our clients... whether the client is a start-up, mid-sized company, or individuals looking to throw a badass party. We aim to work with people who we can connect with, who share our values and our passions. The outcome is always better when there is passion on both sides.

2.  What is Skirven & Croft's origin story?  Tell us a bit about how you merged your company/life with Tim!

We met briefly through a mutual friend in 2011 in Richmond, Virginia. The following year, Tim applied for a job as a graphic designer at a firm where I was the Creative Director. Tim started contracting with the company, which gave us a great excuse to linger over coffee and talk about life. We hit it off immediately. I was on the verge of moving to NYC when things were gearing up with us, but Tim strategically convinced me to stick around (he didn’t have to try too hard.) Thankfully our bosses were totally fine with us dating... they called it before we even revealed it to them! The fact that we could handle working together actually gave me great confidence in our relationship from the start.

After a few job changes here and there and getting burnt out working full time and doing freelance, we decided we wanted more control over our own time, clientele, and projects. In October 2014 we incorporated as Skirven & Croft. We work on a bunch of projects simultaneously — sometimes independently and sometimes together, which provides a nice variety for ourselves and our clients.

3.  What is one of your favorite projects you've ever worked on?

Tim: My favorite project we’ve worked on together is Blanchard’s Coffee Co. It is what kickstarted us as an “official” team and gave us the confidence to break off and do our own thing. It has equal parts of both my and Ali’s style & aesthetic within it. It’s a weird analogy, but it’s the business version of our first kiss.

Ali: I agree, Blanchard’s is one of my favorites. I also love working with restaurants… one of my favorite project/clients has been Heritage, largely due to the fact that they are such wonderful, humble, talented people. And it’s a family-run establishment, which we can obviously relate to.

4.  How are you a "wedding space disrupter"?

We strive to create solutions that are outside of the typical wedding industrial complex aesthetic. You won’t find traditional calligraphy, Rifle Paper Co. floral illustrations, or boring baroque swirlys in our designs. We want to create materials that are as unique as the people who are going to be standing up at the altar (or court house steps, or mountain, or ...whatever) — a wedding is the perfect time to let your personality shine and create a memorable experience for your loved ones, from the moment they open up your invitation. We also love to keep it local (whereever you are) and work with sustainable, earth-friendly production methods, including but not limited to digital wedding collateral.

5.  What three ingredients are necessary for a great day at S&C?

Coffee, Spotify, and a well-timed walk or sight-seeing break to clear the mind.

6.  What kind of couple makes an ideal client for S&C?

Couples who are laid-back, communicative, and up for creating some unique, non-traditional goodies for their guests!

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