{un}convention BROOKLYN sponsor: EQ Events

Name: Casey Dokoupil, EQ Events
City: Richmond, VA

Brief description of your hustle: Creating weddings and events with a progressive edge! We seek out the creative client, as well as couples who are underserved by the wedding industry. We are LGBTQ owned and operated, and drawing clientele from our own community is one of our professional joys!  

How are you a “game-changer” in the wedding industry? As event planners who specifically invite clients who might otherwise worry about discrimination, we're expanding the industry to meet with the 21st century. There are so many couples now able to celebrate their unions equally, and we are ready to celebrate with them!  

What inspires you to do weddings differently? Injecting a fresh energy into the wedding experience! We break up old ideas about what a wedding should look and feel like, and that empowers our clients to think of their wedding as a totally unique experience, not just something that has to follow a formula. Many couples don't realize at first that they can have a wedding with, say, a drag performer. Or that their cats could walk them down the aisle. Or that the cake could be stacked wheels of brie. Seeing the happiness and freedom our couples enjoy inspires us to bring even more new ideas to future events!  

What is one of your favorite creative projects you’ve worked on? There are so many! There is one fundraiser we do every year for a local arts non-profit, and that is definitely something we look forward to! Each year we develop a theme around a huge burlesque and variety show, and everyone dresses up creatively to match the theme. We work for months to create and execute a totally immersive environment for them. Everything reflects the theme, from the bar offerings to the bathroom soaps. When guests come in, they are utterly transported to another time and place, or maybe somewhere that exists only in our minds. Working with the arts community is enormously satisfying — everyone involved is donating their time and talent to advance the arts in our city. And, well, it's incredibly fun! We're so proud to attach our name to it.  

Photo by  A Lovely Photo

What are three ingredients for a perfect day in your life? I love projects, and get very absorbed in my work. So for a really perfect day I will need a novel idea, an interesting space, and a bottomless coffee!

Photo by David Morton Photography

Photo by David Morton Photography

If you were in charge, what would the next big wedding trend be? The planned guerrilla wedding! That sounds like an oxymoron, but it is the perfect blend of a traditional wedding and an on-the-spot surprise, for couples who like the idea of a traditional wedding but have a bit of a wild streak. Imagine heading out for a day at the park with all your friends, and halfway through, you come upon a complete setup for a beautiful intimate wedding — then two of your buddies throw on wedding clothes and blammo, you're at their ceremony! This approach works so well with other wedding trends, like food trucks or mobile desserts, and could produce the best wedding photos ever!  
What are you most looking forward to at {un}convention? Meeting with other vendors who are changing the way events are done! I'm really looking forward to knowing so many others who care deeply about their clients and their wedding experience. Plus, I heard there would be mimosas.