{un}convention BROOKLYN Sponsor: Mae B. Films

Last year's (un)convention was documented expertly by Reid Kerley Production and Photography. This year, we welcome Nikki from Mae B. Films into the mix! We're so excited to see our event through her eyes! 

Nikki miller of mae b. films

Company Name:  Mae B. Films
Owner: Nikki Miller
City: New York, NY

Brief description of your hustle: 
My motto is "fix it as you go" I don't let overthinking or fear keep me from trying new things. If I want to do something I try it, regardless of how imperfect it might be. When I can do better I fix it!  It's because of this I've met some really cool people and collaborated on some really cool projects :).

How are you a “game-changer” in the wedding industry?
I loathe predictable cookie-cutter wedding videos, that's why I use my background as a documentary filmmaker to craft wedding stories to showcase the individuality of each couple.

What inspires you to do weddings differently? 
Knowing that the wedding video shouldn't be about the wedding but the 2 very unique people that happen to be getting married that day.

What is one of your favorite creative, offbeat projects you’ve worked on?
All of my couples are my favorites, but there are 2 wedding stories that hold a very special place in my heart: Jumi + Jimbo (aka "wedfest" the beauty of family and friends coming together as a community to create one of the most FUN amazing wedding ever) and Joy + Andre (a story that honestly represents the power of love. When you find "the one" there's something special that always aligns to bring you together.)

mae b. films couple smiling at table

What are three ingredients for a perfect day in your life? 
My 6 year-old daughter, practicing gratitude + self-awareness, and a good laugh with my mom and sister :)

If you were in charge, what would the next big wedding trend be?
Couples eloping in "bucket list" worthy locations across the globe and taking me with them!

What are you most looking forward to at {un}convention?
Meeting other trendsetting wedding vendors and learning from {un}conventional thinkers!

mae b. films couple in front of wall