{un}convention BROOKLYN Panelist: Kellee Khalil, CEO of Loverly

Everyone in weddingland has heard of LOVERLY, the company that shook things up back in 2012 with their gorgeous and data-driven approach to connecting couples with wedding professionals. We're so excited that the CEO and Founder of Loverly, Kellee Khalil, will be one of our panelists at (un)convention BROOKLYN!

kellee khalil of loverly

Company Name: Loverly
Owner:  Kellee Khalil, CEO & Founder
City:  New York, New York    

Brief description of your hustle: Building Loverly has been a total roller coaster, from the beginning, but such a great, exciting and inspiring ride — driven by passion. Honestly, we're just as much a family as we are a company and we all push each other every day. At a startup, you're not only encouraged but pressed to develop new skill sets and camouflage to fit the needs of the company at that moment. Over the years, weíve experienced a ton of growth and maturation, and also loss. Sure when the business is smooth sailing, it's great — but in challenging times we're always striving to harness every person's strengths into a common goal and upward mobility. At Loverly, we want to be the game-changers — we want wedding world domination - and we don't get there just by showing up.  
How are you a game-changer in the wedding industry? We disrupted the stagnant wedding industry in 2012, breathing new life into the outdated wedding planning experience. We aggregate the best and most beautiful wedding imagery from the industry's top bridal bloggers, photographers and tastemakers into a digital destination that brides can visit, peruse for thought-starters and visual muses, save favorites and share with their wedding support system (vendors, friends and family). But we take curation one strategic, smart step further, by layering everything with data points — including color, theme, etc. Data drives everything we do at Loverly — from our creative content to the must-have products/resources we recommend to our audience. 

Loverly logo

What inspires you to do weddings differently? The fact that there ARE NO RULES when it comes to wedding planning. At Lover.ly, we encourage our couples to make their weddings super personalized; so "traditional" and "cookie-cutter" aren't part of our vernacular. Our authentic voice makes tackling every little detail of the wedding day less overwhelming. Unlike other wedding media, we not only allow, but welcome couples to press pause and reflect on why they are tying the knot in the first place — and we help them brainstorm ways to make their day one of a kind.  

What is one of your favorite creative, offbeat projects you've worked on? One of my favorites from this year (alone) is definitely the launch of our first planning book! Oh and we're also working on a TV show!  

What are three ingredients for a perfect day in your life? My tech (Apple watch, iPhone, laptop), my dog (Oliver, my Maltipoo), and my workout (Barry's Bootcamp)

If you were in charge, what would the next big wedding trend be?
If I was in charge, I'd like to see a much more transparent and streamlined industry — aided by tech and education. Couples don't have a great gauge on how much and why things cost the way they do; overall the communication between vendors and brides/grooms needs to be much simpler. I want brides and grooms to hire people for their big day, because they truly appreciate, love and admire their aesthetic/work — they shouldn't be stressing about the logistics. 

What are you most looking forward to at {un}convention?
Meeting other tastemakers in the space and learning their stories, what they've done to build their brands and make a name for themselves in the world of weddings.