{un}convention BROOKLYN Sponsor: Kristen Poissant!

One of our favorite parts of (un)convention BROOKLYN was the three interactive stations! Our friend (and sponsor) Kristen Poissant was the leader of the Instagram Challenge Station, where she shared tips about styling for instagram and encouraged attendees to design and share images that captured the spirit of the evening. Scroll down to learn more about Kristen and see a bit of our challenge submissions!

Kristen poissant

Company Name: Kristen Poissant
City: Astoria, NY
Brief description of your hustle: I am a brand design specialist with over 10 year experience under my sparkly belt. I have worked with a number of different clients from large multi million dollar product based brands to small entrepreneur business owners. My goal is to successfully build your business visually and cohesively! 

How are you a “game-changer” in your industry? Having experience from large scale to small scale I’ve seen the full picture. I work from the bottom up, filling in holes my customers didn’t know they had in their business to make them visually appealing and present a killer product.

What inspires you to do things differently? It is easy to do what people perceive as the norm, but that doesn’t set you apart or make life fun, now does it?! I’m all for shaking things up. Over the past year I’ve found so many amazing artists/designers and makers via Instagram that are doing just that!

What is one of your favorite creative projects you’ve worked on? I am in the process of branding a friends mobile accessories pop up shop. She is renovating a camper from the '70s that will be filled with accessories and clothes for girly girls.

What are three ingredients for a perfect day in your life? A good sweaty work-out, a colorful breakfast, and my wacom tablet and pen!

If you were in charge, what would the next big wedding trend be? Color! While color plays a big part of the “big day” I want to see bold colors saturate the market in a big way.

What was your favorite part about {un}convention? Meeting the wonderful attendees and hearing their stories and struggles and to work out solutions.

just a few entries into the #unconventionBK instagram challenge:

Instagram photos