Moon Angel Oracle Deck // Card for October

Rebekah Erev is a queer, Jewish, Hebrew Priestess, and feminist artist, and she will be sharing a different divination card with us each month.

This month's card is #26 The Impossibility of Conformity.

Rebekah Erev Divination Card #26: The Impossibility of Conformity

Card for the Month: # 26 The Impossibility of Conformity (Yiddish: um-MEG-LEKH-keyt fun mit-halt-eray)

From the Moon Angels / Malakh Halevanah Cards, a set of divination cards based on the cycle of the moon to help guide your days and nights.

In Judaism feelings are considered angels, so when you have a feeling it's an angel visiting you. Rebekah Erev, the creator of the deck has embraced this non-patriarchial notion of feelings being positive gifts. The cards offer a chance to connect with the cycle of the moon and one’s own intuition which can serve as a guide through emotional states. This deck is as much an oracle deck as an art deck: beautifully designed, locally printed and includes original gouache paintings on each card.

We are all striving for a sense of belonging, a sense that we are part of something greater.

Conformity and belonging are distinctly different. But capitalism banks on their similarities to conspire to make you and all your friends feel like shit. That’s why developing and nurturing a sense of belonging within ourselves is a revolutionary act.

The reality is: it’s impossible to conform. As much as we try, we can’t. To face up to the reality of conformity is to admit our humanity. We are each a completely unique imprint on the universe. Yet, we all have the same DNA, so essentially we’re exactly the same.

These distinctions and the common bond we share are what draw us to each other. Just as the tide is pulled to the shore, we find ourselves in need of others. In these times we are bombarded with images and messages telling us what our relationships should look like, what our wedding day should feel like. But that’s just what’s on a screen. The reality is we could feel so many things on the day we make a commitment to our partner. We could be filled with doubt, grief, joy, disappointment and immense gratitude. It might be possible to feel all these emotions congruently.

In Judaism, now is the beginning of our lunar year. With the moon guiding us, we begin again. How might we counter capitalism’s grip? How might we embrace the multitude of emotions inside of us when we think about making a life with someone else? Is it possible to accept our unique, strange relationships and emotional palette? We can look to each other’s faces, feel each other’s distinct hugs and see diversity, appreciate the quality we feel somatically with each individual in our lives. Then we can look to the moon to remember: we all gaze at that moon, we all feel her rhythms inside of us. We all belong.



Rebekah Erev is a queer, Jewish, Hebrew Priestess and feminist artist who works in object-making, ritual, performance and the written word. Erev self-published the Moon Angel / Malakh Halevanah deck and book, which is a modern day spiritual tool, born of her interest in providing creative resources to shift cultural healing towards the expression of liberation in all its complexities. She officiates life cycle events and offers spiritual counseling and public ritual. In 2013, she was ordained through the Kohenet Institute as a Hebrew Priestess.