Help Celia Grace Name A 2017 Dress Style

Catalyst Community, we need your help naming this style!

We want to know: who inspires you?

Celia Grace just released their 2017 wedding dress collection, and they are looking for help naming one of their stunning new dress styles in honor of an amazing woman.

Some existing styles include Amelia (Earhart, pilot), Rachel (Carson, environmentalist), Eleanor (Roosevelt, humanitarian), and many more amazing women from the US and around the world.

The dress Catalyst Readers have been tasked with naming is a gorgeous gown with a rose gold bodice.

What we need to do is brainstorm as many inspiring women as possible after whom this dress can be named. Public figures (past or present) are best, but all suggestions, including fictional women, are welcome. Dress styles will likely use the woman's first name only, but clever puns and play on words may be included in the dress description, so get creative, team!

To suggest a name, just comment on this blog post below, all contributions will be be submitted to the CEO of Celia Grace, and with the help of the Catalyst leadership team, a name will be chosen and announced here on the blog on Monday, November 28!

Want to know more about Celia Grace?

Celia Grace connects women around the world; brides get a stunning wedding gown that makes them look and feel more beautiful than ever before made by dressmakers working in safe conditions for fair pay so they can take their kids to the doctor and send their girls to school.

By naming each dress after an inspiring woman, Celia Grace continues this cycle of building positive connections between women around the world.