Get Bullish Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Gifts You Need this Year for Your Feminist Friends

It's that time of year again! Time to spread a little holiday cheer by encouraging your best pals to keep up the good work smashing the patriarchy and proudly displaying your feminist swag at family get-togethers to make sure the fam doesn't get too comfortable with the state of our nation. Get Bullish has all of the feminist propaganda you need this holiday season in their E shop; not to mention they are one awesome resource for career women who want to "examine their relationship to corporations before simply 'leaning in' to them."

From money to productivity to lady issues to dealing with people, Get Bullish experts have you covered and are blogging and vlogging rad advice every week. Maybe you have a boss with annoying politics or find yourself stuck in a support role. You can literally write your questions in regarding your particular conundrum, and they produce gorgeous blog posts with the answers you've been searching for. It's "aggressive lady advice," and it's the no BS career talk you've been searching for.

As you inevitably find yourself falling for Get Bullish, fear not. There are ways to go deeper and immerse yourself in a community of like-minded women who will push you and support you to achieve your career goals. The 4th annual Bullish Conference took place this year in beautiful Palm Springs. Founder Jen explains: "There is literally no reason you can't have a roundtable on sexism in the workplace followed by bikinis and mojitos." Truer words, Jen. Truer words. Keep your ear to the ground early 2017 to learn where the 5th annual conference is taking place this year, and book your ticket ASAP!

Oh! And we could not be more excited to learn that Get Bullish just launched the Bullish Society for women like us who can't get enough. It's a monthly membership program that gets you access to conversation boards, office hours with the founder and monthly live chats with the experts, a weekly series of vlogs on topics like "Don't Let Your Romantic Partner F*** Up Your Career" (tell us more!), free downloads like a guide for feminists who are tired of being broke, and lots of other truly useful perks.

Get Bullish is a wonderland for our people, people. So step one, treat yourself with a monthly membership, and without further ado, here are 11 feminist-friendly gifts you should put at the top of your naughty and nice list for friends and foes alike.