Roundup // 10 Ways An Outdoor Ceremony Sets the Scene for Your Marriage

For those of you out there who are enjoying the cozy engagement season around the holidays, here are ten outdoor scenes to inspire you for your upcoming wedding. These ten couples chose locations that set the stage to celebrate their joint pasts, as well as their intentions for the future.

1. Tennessee Honey: Emily + Mo sure make Maryville, Tennessee look sweet! After meeting abroad and spending much of their lives traveling, they knew they wanted to join their lives at home.

2. Beach Bliss: Sharon + Michelle found a setting that inspired mindfulness to be the focus of their union.

Lori Unruh of  Indigosilver Studio

Lori Unruh of Indigosilver Studio

3. Desert Fabulous: Jenny + Chris wanted a setting that would celebrate the weird and wild aspects of life.

4. 40 Degrees & Raining: Aubrey + Jake married in the Catskills and proved the weather doesn't need to be perfect for an outdoor wedding and showed how romantic moody weather can be.

5. Come Together at the Campground: PK + Korel knew a weekend away with camp activities would help their two families bond.

6. Sedona Rocks: Leonor + Katryna celebrated their quiet, grounded love tucked into the rocky landscape.

7. The Pacific Northwest is for Lovers: The pensive coastline of the Northwest was the perfect setting for Geoff + Ederlyn to celebrate the power of their love.

8. Central Park Ceremony: To have a wedding in nature, you don't have to travel far. Valdora + Isabel joined their lives at their local park.

9. Destination Wedding: Lacey + Tiffany kept their wedding celebration small and intimate by traveling from Texas to Colorado with their closest family and friends.

10. Off-grid Hippie Uzbek Festival Wedding: Nodira + Alex come from two different cultural backgrounds, and the woods of Washington provided a blank slate to celebrate the traditions of their homes.


Liz Susong is the Editor of Catalyst Wed Co. She loves to get outside in every season.