Meet Our {un}convention Diversity Panelists: Amber Marlow

Meet Amber Marlow, a NYC wedding and elopement photographer and creator of The Pineapple North Project.

Amber is a photographer and entrepreneur whose business has not only allowed her to serve communities she loves, but has also allowed her to develop her own independence and self-worth. Growing up in a very conservative and religious environment, she was taught that women should largely be dependent on the men in their lives and was not encouraged to pursue a career of her own. She first approached photography as a hobby around the time that her first marriage was coming to an end, and when she became newly single developing her hobby into a business was what allowed her to survive and thrive.

 Amber Marlow NYC Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Being raised primarily by a white mother and step-father, she often grappled with her own racial identity, but now it is something she fully embraces and she has become a leader for wedding professionals who consider themselves to be "woke". In a past interview we conducted with Amber, she shared how that evolved for her:

"Being woke for me was always there and put me at odds with my family, but I don’t think it fully became something I embraced until recently. I'm also not super proud of this, but we'll keep it 100: I didn't really consider myself a 'person of colour' until maybe a few years ago. I thought that black people would say, 'you're not black enough,' but the response was actually, 'Girl, get your black behind over here! You're with us.'

I'm nearly the same racial makeup as Barack Obama, but I look whiter because of genetics, and I often get people asking me directions on the street in Spanish. I've felt a little lost, but thankfully I live in the part of Brooklyn where it doesn't matter that much. And it was living here and talking to woke people online that really helped me see my own truth."

 Amber Marlow NYC and LGBTQ inclusive wedding and elopement photographer

Amber's newest endeavor, The Pineapple North Project, is a community platform for creative entrepreneurs, and Amber fully believes that every entrepreneur has the power to become a high earner. Amber's photography business helped her transform her life, taking her from a period of homelessness to earning a six-figure salary, and she wants to give all entrepreneurs, but especially LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color, the tools and support they need to follow in her footsteps toward stability and success.

 Amber Marlow NYC wedding and elopement photographer

Amber, joined by fellow panelists Lucy Baber, Brittney Taylor, and Nadiya Nacorda, will be discussing the role that diversity plays in developing a business, and how it needs to be approached with thoughtfulness and sincerity, as a part of our afternoon panel on Sunday, November 5th at {un}convention in Richmond, Virginia. Attendees will leave with a new perspective on how issues of diversity and inclusivity can play a significant and genuine role in the success of their business.

Join us at {un}convention to hang with Amber and learn from her expertise!

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