Meet Our {un}convention Intersectionality Panelists: Jaime Patterson of Hidden Exposure Photography

{un}convention - Jaime Patterson Panel: Intersectionality in the Wedding Industry"

Meet Jaime Patterson of Hidden Exposure Photography, a Richmond-based Photographer and Writer on Body-Positivity.

If you're a fan of Catalyst, then it's likely you're no stranger to Jaime Patterson of Hidden Exposure Photography. She is a member of our Advisory Board, as well as a contributor both of her photography and her writing. She recently wrote an article discussing the word "fat" and self-worth, and the role the wedding industry has played in perpetuating the ideal that body size and self-worth are somehow intertwined. 

"When I got into photography I noticed that in our industry the landscape is filled with model-type, gorgeous, typically thin bodies, and that is heartbreaking," she said in an interview we conducted with her in February. "I wanted to change the narrative and bring plus-size women from the shadows into the forefront by taking their images in a way that affirms them and their beauty."

Photo by Jaime Patterson of Hidden Exposure Photography

As a black woman and a plus-sized woman she has had to face the reality that she is being underrepresented in wedding media on two separate fronts. She wrote the following in her essay "On Fat and Worth":

"I recently read that women over a size fourteen account for 67 percent of the population but make up only two percent of the imagery seen on TV shows and films, and in magazines. I knew it was rare to see a fat female on TV, in the movies, or in magazines, but I had no clue just how—you’d probably have a better chance finding a needle in a massive haystack. As someone who creates imagery that might in turn affect others, I realized how important it is to try and increase that percentage. I wanted to help someone else feel visible; to get them to see themselves as more than just a sidekick, the butt of a joke, or, worse yet, invisible."

Photo by Jaime Patterson of Hidden Exposure Photography

Jaime will be joining us at {un}convention on Sunday, November 5, at Quirk Hotel in Richmond, Virginia for our panel about the importance of intersectionality in the wedding industry. She will be joined by Tim Riddick and our editor, Liz Susong, as they explore how everyone's identity means that we all are affected by oppression in different ways at the points where the many facets of our identity intersect. 

Photo by Jaime Patterson of Hidden Exposure Photography

Join us at {un}convention to hang with Jaime and learn from her insight!

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