Woo Woo Weekend Spotlight // Bethany Frazier of Maven Made

Bethany Frazier Maven Made Richmond Virginia Woo Woo Weekend

Bethany Frazier will be leading workshops on astrology and lunar phases at Woo Woo Weekend. She is the creator of an all-natural product line, Maven Made, and she leads retreats and workshops through You.Are.Venus.

Liz: Can you tell us a bit about your background? What was growing up like for you?

Bethany: I was born and raised in Texas. Pretty much everything people would assume a Texas childhood was like—that was it. I also grew up in a fairly conservative church-centered home, which has provided lots of amazing contrast from my life now. I was a super awkward child and young teenager, too. Who wasn't?

My background in moon phases, the zodiac, and apothecary was kind of with me even as a child. I was obsessed with reading horoscopes in Seventeen Magazine and being out in nature. About three years ago, I had some major life "shifts," and that's when my interests transformed into my identity.

Liz: Really? Could you tell us a bit more about that?

Bethany: I left a long-term relationship and everything "safe" to venture on my own to find myself again. I went on a solo trip to Tulum and really had a transformative experience, just being alone with myself. I believe my vulnerability had allowed certain passions and opportunities to come to fruition. I removed distractions that were straying me from my true self.

So this world of "woo woo" kinds of things was born—not out of trying to find something fun to do out of loneliness or boredom; it just happened so organically ... and it's still happening in many ways.

Liz: How did you begin to educate yourself on the topics of lunar phases astrology, essential oils, etc.?

Bethany: I feel essential oils started it all; I struggled with cystic acne and instead of turning to a prescription, I created a facial serum that really transformed my skin. That turned into falling in love with nature again (almost that inner child coming to surface), then that led to the moon and learning more about astrology and its impact on the individual. A domino effect for sure.

Bethany Frazier Maven Made Richmond Virginia Woo Woo Weekend

Liz: How did you come to start your own business?

Bethany: I created a face serum, and I quickly realized it worked. A little blown away that natural ingredients could work magic on the body, I created a few more products (sleep serum, just to name another) and gave them away as gifts. Something told me to do more, so I created an Etsy shop in 2013. Since then Maven Made has transformed into a whole other entity.

Liz: Can you tell us a bit about what to expect at Woo Woo Weekend?

Bethany: I'm leading sessions on moon phases and astrology. Expect to learn real-world practices and rituals to put into action for all the moon phases—but also to understand how the moon's energy works, how it's really always worked. Sometimes here are many "ah ha" moments when talking about moon + astrology.

For astrology, we're going to dig in deeper to what your date of birth, location of birth, and time of birth means and how this information creates an astrology birth chart. Everyone will get their own birth chart, but we'll be chatting specifically about sun, moon, and rising (ascendant) signs. Conversations about astrology can linger, so I'm available all weekend for specific questions.

Bethany Frazier Maven Made Richmond Virginia Woo Woo Weekend

Liz: This sounds wonderful. Is there anything attendees should do to prepare themselves?

Bethany: Know your date, location, and time of birth. This information will be collected at or close to registration. Also, most important, Woo Woo attendees should keep minds and hearts open. There's no coincidences, and everyone who attends is meant to come together. It's also really important at retreats like these to take in what you need and leave what you don't need.

Liz: That's great advice. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Bethany: Yes, I almost forgot to mention I also co-create retreats in Oklahoma and Virginia through my other business You.Are.Venus. Being in this retreat-creating realm for a few years, there's something absolutely magical that happens when people come together and just drop ego, attachments to expectations, and get real with themselves and one another. I learned so much about myself through gathering with others (sometimes joyful and sometimes painful realizations), and I am so grateful to be part of this experience.

Liz: Thank you so much, Bethany, for sharing your experience and wisdom!

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