Moon Angel Oracle Deck // Card for March

Rebekah Erev is a queer, Jewish, Hebrew Priestess, and feminist artist, and she will be sharing a different divination card with us each month. 

This month's card is: # 7 Cali.


Card for the Month: # 7 Cali (Yiddish: Cali ;) )

From the Moon Angels / Malakh Halevanah Cards, a set of divination cards based on the cycle of the moon to help guide your days and nights.

In Judaism feelings are considered angels, so when you have a feeling it's an angel visiting you. Rebekah Erev, the creator of the deck has embraced this non-patriarchial notion of feelings being positive gifts. The cards offer a chance to connect with the cycle of the moon and one’s own intuition which can serve as a guide through emotional states. This deck is as much an oracle deck as an art deck: beautifully designed, locally printed and includes original gouache paintings on each card.

California has always been mythical in my imagination. I guess it is for many people. Growing up it was the place my grandparents had lived, and it held a spark in my dad’s eye. If my father, the conjurer of all things magic in the world, held a soft spot for California, then it must be made of dreams.

Now, I live on this land. I live on Ohlone territory in Berkeley, California. Down the street from where I live is a sacred Ohlone site, a shell mound that was a burial site (among many other things). Currently it is a parking lot, but it’s been bought by a developer. If it’s built on, the likelihood of it returning to what the Ohlone would like is very slim. A wonderful resistance has been building to interrupt the construction and honor the vision of what the Ohlone would have it be. (Find out more about how to support this movement and Indigenous women- led organizing.)

This local action is an example of aligning collective and individual dreams. They may look different from our childhood dreams, but when we feel into our essence, the real dream that all humans are actually looking for, is liberation. We want to surpass the confines of illusion and experience a collective liberation. No body is free until every body is free. Real magic happens when we embrace this and work to make it happen.

Rebekah Erev is an ordained Kohenet (Hebrew Priestess), who officiates weddings, commitment ceremonies and rituals. She specializes in helping people negotiate their distinct spiritual and secular backgrounds and blend their individual customs to create beautiful, unique ceremonies. A queer, feminist artist who works in object-making, ritual, performance and the written word, Erev self-published the Moon Angel / Malakh Halevanah deck and book, a modern day spiritual tool that centers the care of our bodies, nurtures our intuition, inspires creativity and honors the cycles of the earth.