{un}convention profile // Meet UK Makeup Artist Joyce Connor

Award-winning UK Makeup Artist Joyce Connor will be speaking on a panel at {un}convention LONDON regarding being a service provider for women of color.

Joyce Connor Nu Bride

1. What made you say yes to being part of this {un}convention?

I am passionate about inclusivity. The reason I went into the cosmetic industry was because I could not find products and images for all skin tones, so I've always marketed myself as a brand that caters to all regardless. When I saw {un}convention, I was so excited that it's aimed at the industry I work in, so it should help to get the message across.

2. How long have you been doing wedding work, and what changes have you seen in that time?

I've been in the wedding industry for 20 years. There have been lots of changes over that time, but having lived in the US I can see that the UK is still very far behind in the inclusivity market. Like in the fashion industry, darker skin tones are shown in less than 5% magazines. Some magazines are trying to just be for one skin tone, but I think it needs to be for all. They need to cater for all—even disabilities aren't catered for in the wedding and fashion world! 

Joyce Connor
Joyce Connor
Joyce Connor

3. What are three ingredients for your perfect work day?

  • Coffee always starts my perfect day

  • Sitting with my notebook with my to-do list first thing in the morning

  • Making sure my kit is cleaned and ready to go the night before

4. If you could determine the next big wedding trend, what would it be?

I think the next big trend is to not have the traditional sit down meal, and more and more weddings will have a less formal type of meal, like street food or caterers. 

Joyce Connor

5. Who do you think should attend {un}convention?

I think all wedding professionals should attend to get an understanding of how to cater to everyone. Even venue coordinators and managers should attend.