{un}convention profile // Meet Laura Babb of SNAP Photography Festival

Laura Babb is the founder of the SNAP Photography Festival and the eyes behind the lens at Babb Photo. Join her at {un}convention London April 21 for a breakout workshop titled "Marketing Your Business to a More Diverse Audience."

Laura Babb

1. What made you say yes to being part of {un}convention?

Of all of the things that bug me about the wedding industry, {un}convention seems to counteract almost all of them.  

Before I was a photographer my background was managing social housing, so community cohesion and inclusivity was a huge element of my job. To move from an environment that was highly regulated to ensure that the diverse needs of our clients were consistently met, to the wedding world where there's a huge focus on aesthetics and a lack of awareness about diversity, was, honestly, a bit of a culture shock.  

The lack of diversity, the lack of inclusivity and the bullshit (am I allowed to say that?!) propensity to revere some vendors as rock stars, while wholly ignoring the fact that we are all service providers with (what should be) the same aim of doing a brilliant job for our couples, is something that needs to change, and I feel that {un}convention, along with events like SNAP, which also aim to educate and support people in these areas, are a really brilliant first step towards change.  

Laura Babb

2. How long have you been doing wedding work, and what changes have you seen in that time?

I've been full-time for five years now, and I've seen things move from being very, very detail and aesthetics-oriented, to having more of a focus on the legacy aspect of what we do.  We are part of one of the most important days of someone's life, and celebrating that seems to be at the forefront for a lot of people again, with a huge focus on what's meaningful instead of just focusing on what's fashionable.  

Laura Babb

3. What are three ingredients make a perfect work day?

If it's a day spent shooting, then I only really need one ingredient.  Emotion.  That can be anything from the palpable excitement of getting ready, to the joyful abandon of the dance floor. 

If it's an office day, a combination of coffee and productivity is always nice.  

Laura Babb

4. If you could determine the next big wedding trend, what would it be?

It's not a trend as such, but I see more and more couples really examine the traditions and elements that they include as part of their wedding day to work out whether they are personally meaningful to them or their friends and family.  

I think this is wonderful, and I always feel much more emotionally engaged in a specific part of a wedding when I know the couple has sat down together to really think about why they're doing it and why it's important. 

Laura Babb

5. Who do you think should attend {un}convention?

Anyone who wants to find something meaningful in a sea of fluff.  It's not all fluff, of course, and I love pretty things as much as the next photographer, but I think we get swept away in that stuff sometimes.