{un}convention profile // Claire McGowran of Bridal Musings

We are so pleased that Claire of Bridal Musings will be joining us for {un}convention London in eight days! There is still time to register!

1. What made you say yes to being part of {un}convention?

I love the idea of a wedding industry event that’s all about empowerment and diversity, so it was a no-brainer to get involved in {un}convention.

This year, Bridal Musings launched our Healthy Happy Bride initiative, which is a section of our site that will bring more inclusive, real talk content that’s all about alleviating the pressures so many couples feel when they’re planning their weddings. So far we’ve talked about topics like anxiety, the loss of a parent, and ways to use your wedding to give back.

So in a year when we’re actively trying to look past just the dresses and the flowers and the make-up, {un}convention coming to London was pretty perfect timing!

2. How long have you been doing wedding work and what changes have you seen in that time?

I’ve been working in weddings for the last three years—I had worked in women’s editorial before that, but weddings in particular is such a fascinating and far-reaching niche to write about. It covers relationships, culture, fashion, interiors, travel, and sometimes business. I love it!

I think the biggest change I’ve seen is in couples being more selective in the details they choose to focus on. When I started, it was the height of the Pinterest-worthy wedding. It felt like everyone needed to have a amazing ceremony backdrop and a unique table plan and cool centrepieces and a wow factor wedding cake—I think weddings have become a bit more simplified and focused.

Couples choose to highlight one or two details that mean a lot to them, and I love that. It feels so much more genuine.

3. What are three ingredients for your perfect work day?

  1. A cup of super-strong Yorkshire tea.

  2. A killer playlist on the go.

  3. A really gorgeous real wedding with a couple that is clearly head-over-heels for each other—those are still my favourite posts to put together.

 Photo by  Studio 1208

Photo by Studio 1208

4. If you could determine the next big wedding trend, what would it be?

I think darker tones are going to be back very soon, deep red or maroon hues, and midnight blues in particular—we’ve had blush, grey, or nude for so long; it’s going to be really different.

I also think unplugged weddings are going to be massive—couples don’t want to be seeing the backs of their guests’ phones all day, and I think photographers are going to start requesting it.

If I was to choose a trend I’d love to see take hold a little bit more though, it’s couples being more selective about traditions. Traditions can be really important and wonderful to celebrate, but only if they have meaning for you. I think it’s important for couples to consider each one and why they want to include it in their day, rather than going along with them blindly.

More and more couples have been ditching the less meaningful traditions lately and keeping the ones that feel authentic, and I have a feeling that’s going to continue.

5. Who do you think should attend {un}convention?

Everyone—obviously! But I think it will be particularly beneficial for those who are starting out in the wedding industry or at a big of a cross roads.

I remember going to my first big wedding event and being blown away by all the female entrepreneurs; the wedding industry is just full of inspirational women who grew their businesses from scratch—that’s so exciting to me.

So whether you’re just starting out, beginning to find your feet or starting to lag a little and are in need of a boost, I think this event will be the perfect platform to find new influences, make new connections, and be inspired by people who are incredible at what they do. I know I can’t wait!