{un}convention profile // Meet Smashing the Glass Editor Karen Cinnamon

Meet Karen Cinnamon, the editor of Smashing the Glassa site of wedding inspiration for "Jew-ish" and interfaith couples. Join us at {un}convention in London April 21 to meet Karen!

1. What made you say yes to being part of {un}convention?

When I founded Smashing The Glass in 2013, it was never in question that I would feature interfaith weddings (which I lovingly refer to as Jew-ish). I have many dear friends who had married non-Jewish partners and had witnessed firsthand how alienating the Jewish wedding world could seem for them. Too often, their choice of partner was treated as a problem to be solved or brushed under the carpet, as opposed to a union that deserved to be loudly celebrated.

Many of these Jew-ish couples found themselves feeling overwhelmed and, understandably, didn’t have the first idea of where to start when it came to wedding planning. There was no blueprint for their ceremony and nobody to guide them through the endless possibilities that forging their own path presented. 

From an editorial and creative perspective, this fusion of cultures was, and remains, a delight to witness. Every Jew-ish or LGBTQ wedding I see has its own unique look, its own set of unconventional rules, and its own one-of-a-kind take on spirituality. Jew-ish weddings are always, without fail or exception, pioneering, and quite understandably, they've become some of our most popular features of the blog. 

I discovered Catalyst Wedding Co. almost as soon as you launched and your core message resonated entirely with me, for every one of the reasons mentioned above. To be part of {un}convention is a thrill and an honour. Thank you.

2. How long have you been doing wedding work and what changes have you seen in that time?

As mentioned above, I founded Smashing The Glass in 2013, and I link to think in the four years since, couples are better able to tune in to what feels right for them and the confidence to do their wedding their way (and subsequent marriage). They are better able to tune out that white noise from society, the rabbi, and well-meaning loved ones.

This could range from anything from adapting a tradition to better represent them, to picking a venue that they're obsessed with, even though it's never housed a Jewish wedding before, to choosing a never-been-seen-before theme. I absolutely  encourage this way of thinking!

3. What are three ingredients for your perfect work day?

Thinking time, creative time, and an action-packed meeting or two, plotting exciting new projects.

4. If you could determine the next big wedding trend, what would it be?


5. Who do you think should attend {un}convention?

Anyone in the industry who considers themselves in touch with 21st century couples i.e.. EVERYBODY!