{un}convention profile // Meet the Host of the Bridechilla Podcast

The host of the Bridechilla Podcast, Aleisha McCormack, will be a panelist at {un}convention! If you are planning a wedding, you need to get this chill "digital bridesmaid" on your team. 

Bridechilla Podcast unconvention London

1. What made you say yes to being part of {un}convention?

I sometimes see myself as a bit of a lone wolf in the wedding industry. I’m not a vendor, and I’m not really a wedding blogger (I don’t do styled shoots or talk about dresses). I’m an advice giver-er, a support person, and a virtual bridesmaid. I’m using a medium that is pretty new to a lot of people. I swear and say things that would probably make The Knot shudder. (One of the show’s mantras is "fuck chair covers.")

I really connect with the ethos of {un}convention—we share a bunch of ideals, and I straight away felt that I had found my "wedding people."

Bridechilla Podcast unconvention London

2. How long have you been doing wedding work, and what changes have you seen in that time?

I came to podcasting as a fan. My day job is working as a TV producer, and I also have ten years of performing and writing stand up comedy. I wouldn’t say that I had a super well thought out strategy with entering into the wedding planning industry. Having written a fun wedding planning book in Australia after we got married (Smart Wedding), I thought that perhaps there might be room for a tell-it-like-it-is wedding planning show that comes from the perspective of a layperson. The original show was called The Save the Date Wedding Podcast. I launched in November 2014. Two hundred episodes in, we changed the name to Bridechilla, a much better fit for what I do.

In the three years of making the show, I’ve seen a lot of couples really relaxing into the idea that they can do whatever the hell they want to do because it is their wedding. People are ditching traditions and freeing themselves from the "rules" that have been followed by many without really questioning them for so long. 

Bridechilla Podcast unconvention London

3. What are three ingredients for your perfect work day?

Well, ideally as much as I enjoy my day job, my perfect day probably wouldn’t include going to it AND doing my podcast work. 

At the moment I am a career plate spinner, working in both worlds—eventually I would like to transition into just focusing on the podcast business. 

So saying that, my three ingredients would be:

  • Great conversation (my podcast relies on that)
  • Flat White(s)
  • Technology that works…oy vey 

4. If you could determine the next big wedding trend, what would it be?

Smaller weddings and ditching obligation. 

I’ve had listeners who genuinely started their wedding planning with the hope of having a 30-person, intimate wedding, and due to pressure and obligation have found themselves with 150 people on the list. It’s easier said than done to ditch 120 people and to tell your mother that your second cousin Nancy, who you haven’t seen for 13 years, probably doesn’t need to come along (and cost you $140 in the process), but my big goal of the producing the show is to empower people to make decisions that are right for them. 

5. Who do you think should attend {un}convention?

Anyone who wants to ditch the wedding cookie cutter stuff.