Cool Stuff You Should Know About // Girls! Girls! Girls!: A Traveling Mural Project

Emily Herr Girls! Girls! Girls!

Despite our political leadership, women are doing cool stuff. Really cool stuff. Meet Emily Herr, a traveling muralist and activist.

After the Women's March in DC, she decided to take her artivism to the next level by "painting murals that claim public visual space for inclusive, realistic, positive representation of womxn."

She purchased an old truck that she converted into a mobile studio like the boss babe she is, and come July 15 she's hitting the road!

"Womxn in ads and art are more often than not simplified into a single type of person representing 'women', or into something that's more object than human. We want to normalize and celebrate images of womxn in a broad spectrum of bodies and lifestyles. We also want to reduce the general female shame in simply taking up space."

Emily first painted this mural in Richmond, Virginia:

Photo courtesy of  HerrSuite

Photo courtesy of HerrSuite

Photo courtesy of  HerrSuite

Photo courtesy of HerrSuite

If it looks familiar, that's because it made an appearance in Catalyst Wed Co.'s 2017 Out of the Box Challenge.

And this image made its way to Andre Shank's house in Lakeside

Emily Herr Girls! Girls! Girls! Mural

Is your mind blown yet? It gets better. You can submit a real life womxn whom you admire to be drawn. Many examples can be found on the Girls! Girls! Girls! Tour's Instagram @girlsgirlsgirlstour. If you love these drawings, you can purchase one to help sponsor the tour. You may even spot a local celeb or two.

So I bet you are dying to learn more about the tour!

Richmond, VA ---> Burlington, VT

"In Richmond, we are painting a series of mini-murals of individual ladies all around town, to build momentum for taking this show on the road!

Leaving July 15th, we'll set out in the HerrSuite mobile studio to drive up the east coast, painting as many more walls as we can along the way. Know a wall between VA and VT that needs a G!G!G! mural? Get in touch!

In Burlington, we will paint a second iteration of the first G!G!G! mural on Battery Street Jeans, a thrift shop catering to diverse body shapes and genders. This mural will featuring many women all together, all people who live in the area."

Learn more about the tour, find ways to support the artists, and follow along here!