The Queen Photographers // Photo of the Week: Stuck in Time

Kim Craven Photography Charleston Train Station

Name: Kim Alston-Craven

Business NameKim Craven Photography

City: Charleston, South Carolina

This image reminds me of my childhood, growing up on Liberty Hill in Charleston, South Carolina. We lived walking distance from this classic train station, and it was our playground. Yes, we played on the tracks (we didn't know any better). We would put pennies on the tracks to watch the trains flattened them as they rolled by. We would also go inside the station just to make the security guard mad by playing with the payphone and running around—you know, just being a kid. The guard would say, "Stop it! I'm calling the police!", but he never did. I never noticed the Charleston sign until years later. It was a must that I capture that sign. So, I went to the station and asked if I could get some shots, and to my surprise, the inside still looked the same! I felt like I went back in time; if that old security guard was still there, I would have passed out! I presented a huge canvas of this image to my sister on her 54th birthday, and the tears started because she remembered.

This photo is a reminder to never forget where I came from; the trains may travel up and down those tracks, but the station sits still, as if it is stuck in time. So no matter where I go in life, I can always come home to my Charleston. Now I have a thing for trains; I even have an app on my phone that I go to sleep with every night, and it is the sounds of a train traveling to nowhere, which relaxes my mind. 


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