Meet our {un}convention LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Workshop Leader: Cassandra Zetta

Meet Cassandra Zetta!

Cassandra is a photographer based in Cincinatti, Ohio, and has worked tirelessly to support the LGBTQ+ community, which she herself is a member of. In addition to making sure that the couples she works with feel loved and supported throughout their wedding process, she also has worked to educate other photographers in the nuances of serving the LGBTQ+ community that often get overlooked.

It is because of this that we are so completely thrilled to have Cassandra host a workshop for us at {un}convention. Cassandra's workshop will be applicable to all wedding vendors, not just photographers, and will address the following topics:

  • Understanding the differences between gender and sexuality, and how to talk about these two separate facets of personal identity,
  • Understanding the impacts and complexities around terminology such as "same-sex wedding" vs. "LGBTQ+ wedding,"
  • Learning how to properly ask for and use pronouns when working with clients who are gender nonconforming or trans,
  • Learning how to write inclusive copy that doesn't unintentionally deter LGBTQ+ couples from inquiring with you,
  • Learning how to prominently feature photos of LGBTQ+ couples on your website, 

In an interview we conducted earlier this year with Cassandra, she talked a bit about her own wedding planning experience and how it shaped her decision to become a wedding photographer:

"June 2012 was momentous for me personally, as I got married and officially started my business in that same month. Planning a same-sex wedding prior to marriage equality, while it was mostly wonderful for us, still stirred up emotions that should never be associated with such an exciting experience. We dealt with anxiety, nervousness, and worry about how vendors would treat us. With every email sent, the question "Are you comfortable working with a same-sex couple?" was included so that there weren't any uncomfortable surprises later. A bit of our joy was stolen from us simple because of who we were. For these reasons, I realized it was imperative to effect change in the wedding industry, and I knew I could make a difference with photography. And so, I overhauled my business in the fall of 2013 to refocus on LGBTQ+ weddings and elopements. The work I am doing now fills my heart and soul in a way I never could have imagined possible. Being able to share my passion and mission, while having life experiences that allow for a true understanding of those in the community, while inviting them to love openly and honestly, is a gift that I am honored and privileged to give."

LGBTQ wedding of two grooms while getting ready in their hotel room by ohio photographer Cassandra Zetta

Join us at {un}convention to hang with Cassandra and learn how to be a wedding vendor that is truly inclusive of LGBTQ+ couples!

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