Meet Our {un}convention Diversity Panelists: Brittney Taylor

Brittney Taylor

Meet Brittney Taylor of Brittney Taylor Beauty, a North Carolina-based makeup artist whose skills astound us on the daily.

Brittney Taylor came into our lives through a Facebook group of like-minded wedding professionals and has contributed not only amazing and necessary beauty advice for black brides through her Catalyst column "Black BeauTEA Talk", but has presented us and our community with some hard truths about the role that "diversity" has begun to play in our industry and across our entire culture. 

Photo by  Natasha Johnson . Make up by  Brittney Taylor Beauty .

Her article "When Diversity is Cool, Black Women Are Still Ignored, Tokenized, and Used" criticized modern forms of blackface and also encouraged all white wedding vendors who utilize black models in their styled shoots to ask themselves the following questions before they proceed:

"Diversity and representation are important, but before you send out that model call, stop and ask yourself these questions.

  1. Why is diversity important to black women?
  2. What do I do regularly to help fight against the white supremacist world we live in?
  3. What will this black woman gain from doing my photo shoot?

If you don't care about all three of these things, keep your bland-ass portfolios and websites."

More and more we see companies, both small and large, consider diversity like an item on a checklist, something they know they need to do, but not something that is fundamental to their mission or something that they genuinely care about.

Brittney, joined by fellow panelists Lucy Baber, Amber Marlow, and Nadiya Nacorda, will be discussing this issue head on during our afternoon panel on Sunday, November 5th at {un}convention in Richmond, Virginia. Attendees will leave with a new perspective on how issues of diversity and inclusivity can play a significant and genuine role in their business.

Photo by  Sean Junqueira . Make up by  Brittney Taylor Beauty .

Join us at {un}convention to hang with Brittney and learn from her expertise!

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