The Queen Photographers // Photo of the Week: Me at My Core

Symone Seven SeVIIn Days

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Name: Symone Seven

City: Atlanta, Georgia

Instagram: @symoneseven

Etsy Store: SeVIIn Days

This photo represents me at my core. It isn't just a pretty picture, it's the promotion photo for the debut of my online boutique SeVIIn Days on I make handmade feminist choker necklaces. It's me pursuing my dream of being a designer through this baby step. I shot this at the Don Cesar, the famous pink hotel in my hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida. It was a dream come true for me, as I grew up admiring the hotel since I was a kid. And I was committed. It took me hours to glue those petals one by one to my skin! And two days for all the glue to come off!

It's a photo by me of me—all my artistic abilities shown together. I did the styling, cut and colored my hair, makeup, designed the necklace, plus the photography in camera work and post production.

My product and photo represents standing strong in your feminine power as a woman and not being afraid to be all that you are. The photography industry is very patriarchal, and we female photographers oftentimes have to walk in our power in the field. We have to be unafraid to be female and hold our camera high (or low for the angles lol).

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