The Queen Photographers // Photo of the Week: Newborn

L. Everette Queen Photographers Photo of the Week

Name: Lisa Everette

City: Charlotte, North Carolina

Business Name: Lisa Yvette Photography

Instagram: @lisayvettephotography

Most of my clients prefer simple timeless art for their newborn photos. For this photo, the client was a relative who said "just do what you do." With no specific requests or expectations, I felt like I had total creative freedom. I'd been wanting to experiment with compositing newborn images, and this fall background, along with the baby's romper from my stock of newborn outfits, worked perfectly together. So I chose a couple images of the baby and a couple background images that I purchased from a vendor for the final blended images. I'm so please at how they turned out.

Being a newborn photographer has really helped me with empty nest syndrome. I never thought I would have it, but it slowly crept up on me about two years after my youngest left for college. I love being able to capture babies for their parents in ways that I never dreamed of when my daughters were this tiny.

What I have enjoyed most about being added to the Queen Photographers group this year is the new friendships I've made, the support I've received, and simply having something in common with others. The ladies are energetic, encouraging, and all so positive. They help me to "see" my work when I struggle to see my growth. Because let's face it, all creatives get in a rut at times. I cannot thank the creators of QP enough for just a sense of community among black queens. Before joining the group, I had been through some personal challenges that took a toll on my spirit and my desire to do anything. Since joining the group however, I became re-inspired and began to focus more on my newborn clients. I enrolled in a training workshop after speaking to another QP member. I immediately called her afterward to thank her for encouraging me because the hands on workshop was well worth it and filled in some of the gaps in my journey with newborn photography over the last four years. Had it not been for that queen, I may not have attempted this composited image. This is how a another queen inspired me and I am paying it forward with other queens.


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