The Queen Photographers // Photo of the Week: From Up Above

 Chanel French Atlanta Georgia

Name: Chanel French

City: Atlanta, Georgia

Business Name: Chanel G. Photography

Instagram: @chanelgphoto

I was on vacation in Hawaii celebrating my friend's 30th birthday (she's pictured here), and as we were walking through the hotel I looked over the balcony and instantly had a flashback to Solange's "Cranes In The Sky" video. I told her "I have a crazy idea. I need you to lay on the floor and let me photograph you from above," and she said "of course!" and did it with no hesitation. I appreciate my fearless friends.

I think The Queen Photographers are about seeing an opportunity and going for it. And celebrating other queens. I wanted to pay homage to Solange's beautiful visuals with my own interpretation of her artistry.


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