10 Unique Ways to Bond with Your Wedding Party

You lucked out when you met your partner and the wacky bunch who would one day become part of your wedding party. Your wedding day is approaching fast, and now you must devise a few shenanigans for group bonding time so everyone feels comfortable together on the big day.

Ready to let your fanciest and silliest sides show? Here are 10 unique ways to bond with your wedding party before the wedding.

1. Pre-Wedding Brunch

Go out for brunch at your favorite restaurant in your fanciest attire or host a toast and mimosa party at your house where your besties can customize their toast with avocado, salmon or whatever their heart desires. Food brings people together!

2. Bowling Challenge

Families who bowl together stay together…or something like that. Take your wedding fam to the lane and set a few challenges, such as trying to get a total score of 72 or higher. Bring assorted gag gifts for winners of the random games. Bring out your wacky side!

3. Horseback Trail Ride

Enjoy a different view of nature from astride a horse. Even if you're a beginner, trail rides are fun for all.

4. Dance Lessons

Got a passion for a specific kind of music? Does your wedding party think they've got two left feet? Book a dance lesson for your besties and get a leg up to quickly adapt to what the DJ will spin at the wedding.

Bachata is a romantic and sensual dance that only involves three steps, or you could try salsa, blues fusion, clogging or hip-hop. Create a team dance to bust a move at the after-party.

5. Wedding Party Salon Visit

Book a salon appointment with your wedding party to look your best for the big event. Like all vendors, you need to schedule a consultation to preview services, and what better way to bond than finding the perfect look together? Get your hands, feet, makeup and hair done. Learn more about each other's style and try something new. They will give you feedback you never thought to consider.

Schedule the appointment on the morning of your engagement party or other celebration to look your best for all your family and friends.

6. Wine Country Escape

Find a local winery and escape to the countryside. Many wineries host events like free concerts and allow you to bring a picnic lunch.

Enjoy the sun and sip a well-bodied red or sweet and crisp white. Learn more about different types of wine together and how to bring out flavors by tasting the wine under your tongue and swirling it in the glass. It may also help you decide what wine you want to serve at your wedding.

7. Tarot Readings

Visit your local occult shop and ask for a tarot reader referral. Inquire about rates for group readings. Some readers will travel to you, and others prefer you go to them. A little mystery and intrigue will quickly help the group bond.

8. Paintball

Take pre-wedding photos of your wedding party playing paintball, and don’t forget to get before and after shots. Wear jeans or jean jackets to capture the paint designs and blow off some steam. Maybe you prefer saving paintball for your last night of being single. Dress up in fancy clothes and take a big team photo covered in paint. Rawr!

9. Arcade Takeover

Many towns have added barcades, a beautiful fusion of alcohol and arcade games. If you live near Asheville, North Carolina, the Pinball Museum is one of our favorites. Stage an arcade takeover where you show up and play old-school games all night while sharing stories. Why not call and see if you can book the arcade for an hour or two for a set fee?

10. Wedding Party Board Game Night

Home is where the heart is, and board games tell you a lot about a person, such as their competitiveness and ability to work as a team. Bring your best games and play until the sun comes up. Will you win the game of Life?

Your bonding activities should reflect aspects you love about your group, but also offer flexibility for your team to get to know each other. These 10 activities are as unique as you all, and while dancing or playing paintball, you'll discover things you never knew about each other. Here's to making memories! Cheers!


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