Wedding-Day Checklist: Important Things to Do and Have on Your Wedding Day

On the day of your wedding you're going to be filled with lots of excitement, nervous butterflies, and a whole range of other emotions that'll continue throughout the day. People will want to talk with you and congratulate you, and you may be hoping to sit back and just enjoy the ride after months of planning.

Even if it takes a little extra time on the morning of your wedding, there are things you can do to ensure that your wedding goes more smoothly. You'll be glad you considered these things once the ceremony starts, and then you can let the joy of getting married carry you through the night.

1. Strategize with Your Planner

Most couples get in contact with a trusted wedding planner early on, especially if they want to have a big ceremony. Your planner will most likely be on-site and at your side as soon as your wedding day begins, but it's important to take a few minutes that morning to sit down with them and go over everything that needs to be done. They'll have done this a million times before, so they'll be able to guide you through the last few hoops you'll have to go through before your ceremony begins.

2. Contact Your Vendors

You've planned out food, music, and drinks with vendors, and shared your wedding day timeline so everyone knows what to expect going into your wedding day, but that doesn't necessarily mean the vendors will have everything lined up and ready to go when your big day gets here. Call them the day before and even the morning of to discuss when they'll arrive, how they'll set up, and the best way to do all that before your guests get there.

3. Gather Your Favors

Even if you're only giving out tiny bags of candy as wedding favors, you'll feel better later if you take some time to count them to make sure they're all there. You may even find that the favors haven't been put together or that you need extra supplies to make them happen. As guests grab them before they leave, you can continue enjoying the night instead of pausing your dancing or other activities to make sure enough favors are all laid out for everyone.

4. Think About the Little Things

One of the great parts about securing a venue is that they'll often have supplies you can use, saving you from spending extra money buying your own. They may offer tables and chairs, but will they have toasting glasses, a cake cutter, or even ice to keep bottled drinks cool? Talk with your venue about what they have and get all the little things together the day before your wedding so they'll be right where they should be when you need them.

5. Pack for Your Wedding Destination

Having a destination wedding is a dream come true for some couples, but traveling adds another layer of stress to your wedding day preparations. If you're having a destination wedding, before you leave, think about what clothes and other items you need to pack. Don't count on drugstores to have things like toiletries on hand if you need them. Shelves could be empty, or stores could be closed at the last minute when you find yourself desperate for more hairspray or an emergency pair of gloves. Consider the destination for your wedding and what you might need once you get there, and do your best to pack for the worst case scenario.

6. Coordinate with Your Photographer

You likely have a photographer or two coming to your wedding to capture all the memories you'll want to look back on, so make sure you know what their game plan is. Find out when they'll arrive and suggest some things that you want on camera. Talk angles and lighting so everyone's on the same page about how you want your wedding documented. That way they won't miss a beat, and you'll get fantastic pictures to frame later.

7. Look Over Printed Materials

Printed materials, like table numbers or name cards, are sometimes overlooked. You might think that your wedding planner already printed them, but too little communication is often how things fall through the cracks, so don’t be afraid to reach out and confirm. Double check that all materials have been printed and are ready to be arranged when your wedding gets set up.

8. Pre-Order Snacks

Some last-minute planning comes down to the basics, like the fact that while you and your partner are getting ready you're going to get hungry! To keep you, your partner, and your wedding party from facing hunger pangs, get some snacks together or pre-order a brunch delivery. When everyone has full stomachs, everything will feel like a much smoother ride.

9. Put Together an Emergency Kit

Even if you spend every free minute planning every last detail of your wedding, there are still things that might happen that you can't prepare for. That's when an emergency kit comes in handy, and you can make one quickly and on a budget. Breath mints, extra bobby pins, Tylenol, safety pins, scissors, a needle and thread, and a few Band-Aids could be what saves the day.

10. Bring Things for Good Luck

There's an old tradition — have something old, new, borrowed and blue. Whether or not you believe in good luck, it can be fun to participate in this tradition. Talk with friends and family about what these things could be for you so they're on hand if you want to carry them with you and into your newly married life. Want good luck charms or family mementos that don’t fit into the old, new, borrowed, and blue mold? That’s okay. Surround yourself with the things and people that make you feel good, no matter what those are.

Planning for a wedding takes up so much time and energy that the thought of thinking about taking extra steps on your wedding day may exhaust you. Don't feel overwhelmed! Last minute precautions like considering what you'll need at your destination and contacting your vendors will only take a bit of your time, and you can also outsource them to a trusted friend or family member. Once you start getting ready and your wedding day begins, you'll be so glad you don't have to worry about the small stuff.

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