The Catalyst Wedding Review Podcast // Episode 2: When In Rome with Liv Lyszyk

The Catalyst Wedding Review Podcast - Episode 2: When In Rome with Liv Lyszyk

WARNING: This episode discusses stalking and sexual harassment

In this second episode of The Catalyst Wedding Review Podcast, Jen and photographer Liv Lyszyk review the 2010 Kristen Bell rom com, When In Rome, where Kristen Bell accidentally finds herself at the middle of a love spell where Dax Sheppard, Will Arnett, Danny DeVito, and Jon Heder become obsessed with her, and frankly, it's gross. A love story gets squeezed in there somewhere, and we try to remember we LOVE Kristen Bell all the way through.

Liv also gives a special shout out to St. Ambrose Cellars, offering handcrafted mead, beer, and wine in Beulah, Michigan! Liv is drinking this in the episode and keeping it classy, while Jen is drinking CostCo Kirkland brand wine...aka the height of sophistication.

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Jen Siomacco


Jen Siomacco is the CEO and Creative Director of Catalyst Wedding Co. She works to mesh together her love of feminism, love stories, equality and design into the layout and brand of Catalyst while she sits on her couch and snuggles up with her SUPER lazy cats. 

Liv Lyszyk


Liv Lyszyk is a 20 something wedding photographer specializing in diverse and madly in love couples! She is based in West Michigan but travel is always welcome! She is obsessed with floral patterns, over caffienating, and binging The Office on Netflix.  |  @livlyszykphotography