The Catalyst Wedding Review Podcast // Episode 4: Jenny's Wedding with Bethany Frazier

The Catalyst Wedding Review Podcast Episode 4 Jenny's Wedding with Bethany Frazier

In this episode, Jen is joined by Maven Made owner, Bethany Frazier, as they review the 2015 movie Jenny's Wedding where Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel pretend to be lesbians and make the worst movie known to man. Jen & Bethany both watched it so that you don't have to. Instead you should go watch Buffy. Like, really, why aren't you watching Buffy??

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Jen Siomacco


Jen Siomacco is the CEO and Creative Director of Catalyst Wedding Co. She works to mesh together her love of feminism, love stories, equality and design into the layout and brand of Catalyst while she sits on her couch and snuggles up with her SUPER lazy cats. 

Bethany Frazier


I'm the creator of Maven Made, an all-natural and handcrafted line of skincare + wellness products. As a small and queer business owner, I'm all about raising one another up through conscious consumerism and just supporting others at a queer and local level. Besides nurturing my business, I'm a lover of Astrology and integrating Moon phases in my daily life without New Age pretentiousness.