The Queen Photographers // Photo of the Week: Fearless

Child and family photography in Sherman Park in Chicago by RoGina Montgomery Gennatay

Name: RoGina Montgomery

Business Name: Gennatay

City: Chicago, Illinois

Instagram: @gennatay

Tsage, my model for this shoot, is not only pretty and smart, but she's also fearless. The park was full of adventure and she wanted to share them all with me. This image was taken when she stopped to show me some feathers she had found. She looked up and the light was perfect. It really captured her spirit.

As a children and family photographer. I love capturing the innocence and personality of kids. Images where the smiles aren't forced and the kids are being themselves are my favorite.

This image was taken in Sherman Park on Chicago's Southside. I was told that the same person who designed Central Park in New York also designed this park. There is beauty in this city when you know where to find it.

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