Three Easy Yoga Poses to Erase Wedding Stress! // WedWell

We are thrilled to be introducing a new series to our site with our partners at WedWell!

You all know that we are big believers in wellness and self-care, and planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful times of your life. Since June through October is the busiest wedding time of the year, when better to share some easy to do yoga poses to help you destress!

Sometimes the day gets the best of you and you're exhausted, need a nap, or are too stressed to even sit still! Whether the stress is caused by writing your wedding guest list, thinking about the long standing history of inequality in the wedding industry (ugh), or just from looking at too many Pinterest wedding photos and not knowing how to handle yourself, you may need to literally shake out the stress from your body. With this short sequence, you'll be shaking and dancing around spreading that energy elsewhere! Goodbye stress and hello world! 

Pose 1: Breath it Out 

Referred to as Breath of Fire, this pranayama (breathwork) is extremely powerful and helps release built up anxiety and nerves! Take a deep breath in, then quickly breath out of the nose repeatedly. Keep your focus on the exhale, and the rest will follow. This technique expands our lung capacity as well as releases toxins and deposits from the lungs! 

Pose 2: Shake it Out 

This is where you can practice your dancing skills pre-wedding! Stand up on the mat and shake it out — seriously, do it! Think of anything thats bothering you, or any energy you want to call in — and start to shake your entire body for at least one minute to feel the full effects of this high-vibration movement and release! 

Pose 3: Kick it Out 

These donkey kicks fire up your core and third chakra helping us be more confident and powerful in our bodies! Not to mention, this exercise is perfect training for coming up into that handstand you've been wanting to do! From down dog, bend the knees and kick up over your head, so that the knees are over the hip. Try to hold that lift for one or two breaths before you kick up again! 

Photos by Amanda K. White Photography

Lilia Karimi and Olivia


Lilia and Olivia have been best friends since childhood. They parted ways for college and both separately grew to have a passion for yoga, wellness, and business. When Lilia got engaged this year and Olivia was (obviously) her bridesmaid, Lilia was talking to her about the stresses of planning. The wedding industry places so much pressure on brides and just felt so outdated. Thus, Olivia and Lilia created wedwell. A platform and voice to bring wellness into weddings, and a place to redefine marriage for the modern and independent woman.