The Queen Photographers // Photo of the Week: Simply Ronis

T Marie Images SImply Ronis

Name: Tina Strickland

City: Phoenix, Arizona

Business Name: T Marie Images

Instagram: @tmarie_images 

I attended a Photo Shoot Happy Hour featuring the model Simply Ronis. I was drawn to her look and knew that I had to photograph her. I've been dealing with some anxiety and doubting myself. Ronis inspired me to use my camera to capture this beautiful woman.

I live in Phoenix, and the Black population is small. The studio that holds these happy hours doesn't have too many Black models. When I saw Ronis, I knew that I had to support her. For me, it celebrates the beauty of Black women. All too often, we're negatively portrayed, or our beauty, in all of its forms, isn't seen as beautiful by mainstream society. This image, for me, exemplifies Black Girl Magic.



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