This Weather is Fucking Awesome and I’m Not Sorry

 Photo by Shawnee of A Lovely Photo

Photo by Shawnee of A Lovely Photo

There have been an awful lot of people on the Internet lately denying themselves the unadulterated joy of summer in February, so I’m here with a counterpoint: This weather is fucking awesome and I’m not sorry.

A few facts:

  1. It’s 69 degrees.

  2. It’s February.

  3. The human race is finished.

There are those who say 1+2=3 and they’re not “wrong” per se. The human race will probably die out sometime in the next several generations, and climate change isn’t the only alt-Disney villain looking to claim credit for the deed. There’s nuclear war, antibiotic resistant bacteria, and my personal favorite scenario, unaffordable prescription drugs.  

(In which Big Pharma slowly increases prices until healthcare becomes unaffordable for anyone but the 1%, so domestic laborers and school teachers and babysitters start to die off from totally curable diseases until the only people left are rich white men and their trophy wives, but then the trophy wives start offing themselves because death is preferable to cleaning their own homes and raising their own children, so the remaining men try to keep morale up by giving each other half-hearted blowjobs, but it’s hard to stay positive amidst the rubble of a world you’ve helped destroy, and just when they think they’ll all die from heartbreak—surprise!—Jesus arrives for Judgment Day and casts them all into hell.)

The point is there’s a lot to be afraid of right now, and the future is going to be rough.  No more snow days, no more running outside on summer afternoons, no more Miami, Florida. The future is dark.

But the present is sunny. So take a deep breath, pack a sandwich in your mini backpack, and go outside. Search for bugs under rocks. Eat one. Why not? Roll around in the grass and the dirt and dip your toes in a natural stream. Walk over a bridge. Run through an open field with your arms flung out. Lie down in the middle of a paved road. Enjoy the weather, enjoy the sun, and enjoy the world while you can.

Because we’re all going to die.   

Becky Scott is a writer based in New York who loves The Bachelor and is great at giving humorous advice.