20 Things You and Your Partner Will Really Love This Valentine's Day

Roses are red, chocolates are nice, but if we’re being honest we need stuff for our life.

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Do you know your honey better than the back of your hand? Are they burnt out on candy hearts and edible arrangements? Then check out our curated list of 20 gifts they’ll actually love and use!

1. Head to Etsy for Some Playful Jewels

Blessed Etsy, the purveyor of all things cute and customized! What would we do without it?  You could spend hours (and I have) just looking for things to put your name on because there’s someone who can do it. This makes it a great spot for gifts like jewelry. Give them a little piece of your heart with these awesome brooches!

Our Pick: Anatomical Heart Pins

2. Set the Mood with Illume Candles

Set the mood for the vibe you want at work and at home. Blackberry absinthe?! We’ll take 12 please.

Our Pick: Blackberry Absinthe Demi Boxed Candle

3. Give the Gift of Organization with Fun Stationery

For your planners and type A personalities, head to Mochi Things! You’ll find something functional like document folios, highlighters, and passport covers that are cute too!

Our Pick: Classic Story Passport Covers

4. Block Out the Snoring with a White Noise Machine

Want to subtly let your boo know that their tossing and turning is driving you crazy? Get a white noise machine like this one from Homedics. It’s perfect for the restless folks in your life. What says I love you better than a good night’s rest?

Our Pick: SoundSpa Ultra Portable Sound Machine

5. Treat Yourself to a New Outfit from eShakti

For a size inclusive (XS-6X), fitted wardrobe, turn to eShakti! Find hundreds of new dress, skirt, and pant styles that can be adjusted with different sleeves and customized to your measurements!

Our Pick: Shawl Collar Surplice Poplin Dress

6. Pamper Your Feet with a Foot Roller

After a long day on your feet, you want to sit down and not be bothered. This foot roller helps hit all the reflexive hot spots and you can freeze it or warm it. Get this inexpensive gift for the partner who’s kicking ass and just needs a moment to unwind when they get home.

Our Pick: Gaiam Restore Hot & Cold Foot Roller

7. Merge Technology and a Love for Looking SO AMAZING

For the makeup maven in your life, this is the motherfreaking mirror! It has motion sensors, can save your photography temperature settings, works with Nest and Alexa, and uses Tru-Lux lighting technology to ensure you get the best match in makeup colors. Snow White’s Evil Queen wishes she had a mirror like this.

Our Pick: Sensor Mirror Pro Wide View

8. Try a Date Night in A Box

Let’s face it, going out is overrated. The crowds, the noise, the youths. Curling up in your jammie jams with the one you love inside a climate controlled area is legitimately the best way to spend a weekend. But if you’re still wanting to do something more than watch Netflix, check out Date Night In A Box! They offer different themes for each box and include recipes, activities, and more!

Our Pick: The Adventure Together Box

9. Rent a Rage Room

If your partner is Aggretsuko in the flesh then maybe they need to break something...just not your things. Try a rage room like the Wrecking Club in NYC. Can’t afford it? Buy some safety goggles and head to your local Goodwill for some used plates. Plate smash in the safety of your own home!

10. Treat Yourself to TaskRabbit

Get the house cleaned, the closet organized, the car washed, or even a personal assistant for a few hours. Feel like a star with some rates starting at $25/hour!

11. Book a Salt Room and Relax

If you live in an area with deadly allergens (damn you, mountain cedar!) and your love is affected by it, try a salt cave! These spots are great for detoxing the lungs and if nothing else, are calming as all get out. You get to experience a little self-care time for not much money at all!

12. Buy Commissioned Art

Nothing says “you fancy” like having guests over, pointing to a canvas and saying, “Oh that? Yeah we had that commissioned in the spring of 2017.” It’s an amazing thing to help out a local artist and custom art jazzes up your space. Plus, you’ll have a one of kind piece like Emily of Profiles in Pride and her partner Jamie had commissioned from Adrian De La Cruz. Doesn’t it look great?!

13. Hire a Dog Trainer

Everyone loves dogs, but nobody loves a dog that pees on the carpet. Getting a bundled package of training or in-home pet sitting sessions is a great gift for your fur baby and your love. Rest assured that they’ll be well looked after and behaved while you go out for a night on the town or just down the street for a movie. Find awesome pet sitters through apps like Wag! or your local pet daycare facility.  

14. Claim Your Books with Custom Bookplates

Let’s head back to Etsy because why wouldn’t we?! For the book lover in your life try these adorable vintage library bookplates. You can customize it to put your favorite quote or Ex Libris with your name. You can jot down the day you read the book in the dates section and have friends fill it out when you lend to them too. Aren’t they adorable?

Our Pick: Bookology Co’s Custom Library Card Book Plates

15. Embrace Your Love of Cheese

Do you love cheese? I mean, do you really love cheese? If you have a cheesehead that knows the formage knowledge but has no place to store their stinky treasures, look no further than these Cheese Vaults from Food52!

Our Pick: Capabunga Cheese Vault 

16. Never Run Out of Fuel with a Gas Card

Gas can get real expensive, especially in Texas (we love trucks here, if you haven’t noticed). Fill up a gift card for a month’s worth of gas for the commuters in your life. Trust me, they’ll thank you for it!   

17. Make Following a Recipe a Breeze

Love cooking in the kitchen but need to follow a recipe on your phone or tablet? Try this device holder from Kitchen Aid!

Our Pick: Round Electronic Device Holder 

18. No Time Is a Bad Time for Lingerie

Lingerie is definitely sexy, but so often it’s not comfortable. Enter True & Co., where you can find affordable and fun styles like this seamless bra.

Our Pick: True Everyday Seamless Convertible Bra

19. Take Your Honey to the Ice Rink

When was the last time you strapped on some skates and went around the rink with your bae? Probably middle school. What better time than now to do it? Most rinks offer a skate rental fee of about $2-$4 depending on the night plus the ticket for entrance. It’s a great way to get some exercise, let loose, and just relax. You could even make it a weekly thing.  

20. Head to Couples’ Therapy

This might throw people off, but investing in the health of your relationship is sexy! Don’t think of it as a warning sign, think of it as a sign that you’re serious about committing to each other. Plus, in Texas you get a discount off your marriage license for attending pre-marital counseling! The More You Know!


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