Catalyst Wed Co. is dedicated to increasing diverse representation in wedding media and to building a conscientious community that values challenging dialogue.

We seek to empower our community of readers and wedding professionals to bring race, gender, sexuality, class, and bodies into conversations about love, sex, marriage, and weddings. We invite folks to explore topics of social justice in the intimate details of their personal lives. This takes courage, which is why we ask writers and readers to respectively treat Catalyst has a “brave space.”

Guidelines for Healthy Dialogue in a Social Justice Community

  • Presumption of good will

    • Please operate under the assumption that members of the Catalyst Community have the best of intentions

  • Inclusive language

    • Assume a gender neutral reader

    • Avoid binary and and heteronormative language, i.e. instead of using “bride and groom,” use “couple”

    • It’s okay to use “they” as a singular pronoun in lieu of “he” or “she”

  • Address privilege

    • Rather than expecting others to teach you about privilege and oppression, do some research on your own

    • We all have blind spots; be open to learning more about your own privileges

    • There is no such thing as a universal truth; do your best to acknowledge the specificity of your experience and avoid speaking for others

    • Be aware of power and voice in a conversation, and seek balance in dialogue

  • Challenge yourself

    • Be willing to truly listen

    • Be willing to be uncomfortable

    • Be willing to say “I’m sorry” or “I was wrong”

  • Unlearn microagressions

    • Even in attempts to be sensitive, it’s possible to subtly undermine oppressed groups or reify offensive stereotypes; check yourselves and each other

  • Own individuality

    • No one should be put in the position of speaking on behalf of a group of people

    • While we are often treated by society according to our group membership, avoid speaking unduly on behalf of others