What is the mission of Evergreen Era Films?

We believe in creating handcrafted, personalized films for all types of couples that honestly and authentically express their love, enabling each couple to witness themselves in a new light and relive the memory of their wedding day whenever they need or want to.

What is the origin story of Evergreen Era Films?

Evergreen Era Films was built from my heart and soul. I started out as a photographer (which is what I got my college degree in) and couldn't find my niche. Commercial work just wasn't my thing, I could never find a deep rooted purpose in all the different styles of photography that fit with who I was... I was never a big fan of the wedding industry either, until I discovered Catalyst Wedding Co. and found that other people were fighting against the traditions and exclusions of people that overwhelmed marriage celebration media. Once I discovered video and honed in my skills, it was one of those things that just clicked. On the wedding day I mainly get to be in the background filming the day as it unfolds naturally - no planning, posing, organizing. I'm an introvert who get's drained quite quickly so being able to be around people and interact with them without having to control anything has been perfect. Then, once I sit down at my computer with all the footage I get to pull together music, visuals, color, and voices all together to create something that to me was a far more encompassing and emotional experience than photography had ever been. From there, Kathryn Ray Photography became Evergreen Era Films and I have felt so grateful to have found something that I get to do for a living that I truly love and find purpose in.

What is your favorite project that you've worked on?  

I can honestly say that each of my wedding films so far has been a fun new project for me. Each one is a blank canvas, a new space to bring creative life into the world based upon the beauty of something that already exists between two people. It couldn't get better than that for me!

How are you a "wedding space disruptor"?

My main focuses in my business are to be inclusive to all couples, shift the focus away from what they look like and represent more about who they are, and to encourage others to let go of traditions & family expectations in order to feel free to celebrate their companionship in the way that feels best to both of them.

What three ingredients are necessary for a great day at Evergreen Era Films?

  1. Balance — This is my number 1 in all things. Life is about balance — work some, play some, rest some. All of these things are important to me on the daily.

  2. Make Space — I think if we all made space for the things we needed to feel or experience we would be able to live life more honestly and authentically to who we are. Making space allows us to embrace the moment (another key mantra for me) and I find so much beauty in embracing every era of life.

  3. Keep it simple & focus on the interactions — One of the things I love most about my films are the honest interactions I'm usually able to capture from my couples. My favorite moments are the unscripted ones, and I've found that if I keep my gear simple and unobtrusive I am able to fade into the background enough for them to feel comfortable to be themselves — so important for my filmmaking process!

What are some traits of your ideal clients?

  1. They see life as an adventure

  2. They embrace being vulnerable and open-hearted

  3. They laugh frequently and with pure abandon

  4. They enjoy the company of good people

  5. They are open-minded and value diversity

  6. They find joy and peace in nature

What Past Clients Have To Say:

"Kathryn is such a sweet heart and so passionate in what she does. She was always so prompt to respond and answer any questions we had. Our special day would not have been the same without her and Ian. If you even have a single doubt if you need a videographer of if you should go with Evergreen Era Films seriously just GO FOR IT you will be so happy you did. There was never a minute of awkwardness, felt like we knew her forever, & we would even forget she was video taping lol! She captured all these amazing and precious moments despite the rain coming down, got wet in the creek and climbed over boulders to get shots of us in front of looking glass falls, she really did not let us down. A better, more professional/down to earth or adventurous videographer does NOT exist. So grateful for her, thank you AGAIN!”

— Jessica + Chris Rivero


Kathryn is a gentle heart with a contagious laugh. She finds respite when immersed in the wilderness, mountain biking with her partner Ian, and sharing real heart-felt conversation with others. She prefers hugs over handshakes, honesty over perfection, and individuality over tradition.






Asheville, North Carolina

Price Range


Travel Policy

Though most of our weddings & elopements have been in the Asheville area, we are happy to travel to any destination to celebrate with you and create your film. Please contact us for more information on pricing!

Elopement Policy

Elopements are my specialty — they are where my work shines and where my heart feels fully alive. Coverage starts at 2 hours and goes up to 5 hours of coverage. Please contact me for more information on pricing for your elopement!

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