What is the mission of Folie à Deux Events

Simply put, we want to make sure people have the wedding they WANT not the wedding they feel like they have to have. There is a lot of social pressure and expectations put on couples when they get married that it's easy to get caught up in "musts" and "shoulds" thrown at you by family, friends, and the media. These days, people crave connection and authenticity. Couples are looking for ways to shake things up for their wedding, but by and large the wedding industry itself has not caught up. The entire mission of Folie à Deux Events is to be there for those couples who want to do things differently, give them guidance, permission, and the tools they need to plan a truly authentic and unique wedding.

What is Folie à Deux Events' origin story? 

Way back in 2008, I made a wedding gown for my sister. I was in college studying fashion design and making her gown started me down the rabbit hole into the world of weddings and wedding design. I opened up my first company, a custom gown design house the following year after I graduated. That first business ultimately did not go terribly far in part because of the recession, and in part because I was young and didn't know how to run a successful freelance business! I never fully left weddings behind, sticking mostly to designing accessories and blogging from time to time. Then in 2014, I moved to North Carolina. NC isn't exactly known for being the most open-minded or politically progressive place, but where I live in Chapel Hill & Durham, there is a pocket of really rad liberal folks. I noticed that the wedding scene here was booming, but it was lacking in modern, non-traditional planners & designers. After a few months of research and planning, I kicked off Folie à Deux Events with the intention of being the area's progressive, liberal, non-traditional (and non-religious) wedding planning service.

What is one of your favorite projects you've ever worked on?

So far I would say my favorite wedding to date was Jenn & Teague's wedding in June of 2017. Their two day event incorporated so many personal details, ancestral traditions, and was the ultimate exercise in compromise. Their first day of the celebration was a traditional Christian ceremony followed by a gorgeous afternoon tea. Then the second day featured a Celtic handfasting ceremony performed by a close family friend from Wales. They closed out the evening with a Midsummer Night's Dream themed masquerade ball! Ceremony and tradition was important to the couple and their families, and this two day event made it possible for them to honor familial traditions and their own beliefs and spirituality. In addition to being a wedding filled with meaningful details, their sense of style was impeccable and I had a ton of fun working on the design elements with them as well. For someone like me who is arguably very much non-traditional, this wedding was amazing because you could tell that the traditions they included were very important to them... not just something they felt they had to do.

How are you a wedding space disrupter?

One of my main goals with Folie à Deux Events is to get couples thinking critically about wedding traditions and gender roles. I actively work against "bridecentrism" and encourage a non-gendered, inclusive approach to wedding planning that centers relationships. I am also a vocal activist for secular issues like separation of church and state, and have a blog dedicated to secular and non-religious wedding planning. As an atheist, I feel that it is important to take a stand for marriage equality, adoption rights, and equal access to health care for women and LGBTQ+ folks. To some people, secular and non-religious weddings may not seem like a big deal, and it's often a place where families are willing to find compromise, but it is my belief that no one should have to be married in a ceremony or church if they themselves are not religious. Many local laws still make it difficult for non-religious folks to be married legally unless it is done by a judge or a religious officiant, limiting their ability to have meaningful, personalized wedding ceremonies. My goal is to help non-religious couples  plan their wedding in a way that aligns with their secular values without having to compromise on the elements that are most important to them.

What three ingredients are necessary for a great day at Folie à Deux Events? 

Good beers and smashing the patriarchy with my rad couples! <3

What are some traits of your ideal clients and customers?

My ideal clients are free-thinking, equality minded folks who care about social justice and the environment. They are open minded and looking to create a wedding that is highly personal and unique to their aesthetic and values. Scientists and artists alike, on a mission to have weddings that are truly authentic and inspired by their own relationship.

What Past Clients Have To Say:

"Erica was a joy to work with! She met with us many times throughout the planning process, and was instrumental in helping us get everything straight for the big day. We primarily had a DIY wedding, and without Erica's wonderful service, we would have not had been able to pull it off! She reduced our stress on the actual day, allowing us to really enjoy our wedding day. We would heartily recommend Folie à Deux Events to any couple looking for any level of wedding planning. The care and responsiveness that Erica exhibited made working with her an extremely positive experience!"

—Jenn & Teague, married June 2017


Celebrate your love with a wedding that truly represents you as a couple and your values. Erica and the team at Folie à Deux Events are here to help you plan, coordinate, and design an event inspired by YOU, not just the latest trends or outdated traditions. 

We offer Wedding Planning & Design, Wedding Coordination, & Floral Design.

We encourage our couples to think critically about wedding traditions, include the traditional elements that are meaningful to them and ditch the rest. We approach the wedding planning process as a chance for couples to work together, set priorities, and prepare for married life.


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