What is the mission of Hidden Exposure Photography?

Hidden Exposure's mission is to tell your story through imagery. I firmly believe that every body has a story to tell and by using photography we can capture all the major and minor detail that encapsulate this special time in your life.

What is your company's origin story?

I can't remember when I first picked up a camera; if you ask my family I was probably no more than 5 or 6. Regardless of how old I was once I picked one up I was hooked and wanted to capture everything and everyone I could. I'd take photos of big and small events and by the time I hit my 20's I really realized how powerful an image can be; how an entire story can be told without using a single word. I also began to see how much an image can transform a person and allow them to see their worth. I started Hidden Exposure Photography as a way to capture the stories of others and use them to also allow people to see how beautiful, wonderful, and unique they are.

What is one of your favorite projects you've ever worked on?

My favorite project I've done has been my ongoing boudoir or empowerment sessions I do with men and women. These sessions allow my clients to embrace their bodies; as they are now and celebrate every part, even the parts they may try and hide. I love capturing that moment when they begin to really see what I see through my lens. Their faces get brighter, backs a little straighter, and they totally transform. I've heard from so many clients in the past who have noted our sessions together as the moment they began a new relationship with their bodies.

How are you a "wedding space disrupter”?

I am disrupting the wedding industry by embracing any and all types of couples. Every couple should have amazing photos of their wedding day, and I want to be on hand to capture it. I love couples that are uniquely themselves and use their wedding day as a chance to showcase that the best they can.

What three ingredients are necessary for a great day at Hidden Exposure Photography?

A great day for me looks like some great music, the biggest dirty almond milk Chai I can find, and laughter.

What are some traits of your ideal client?

My people are people who have a story to tell.
My people are the folks who love to laugh and be silly, but also appreciate those quiet moments that are often times fleeting.
My people are creative and artistic maybe even a little quirky.
My people are folks who sometimes struggle to see their worth and just need a nudge to see how amazing they are.
My people are people who can't help but dance when their favorite song comes on no matter where they are.
My people are head over heels in love and it oozes from them from moment one until fifty years from now.

What Past Clients Have To Say:

"I’ve known Jaime for about 20 years, and she is the best and most honorable of humans. She’s been there to document several different things in my life, including a casual family photo shoot, my wedding, and my bridal portraits. If she weren’t clearly a fantastic photographer, you probably wouldn’t even be looking at her web site. But the thing you might not know, is that she is also a delight to have around. And that’s not a small thing, as how “at ease” you feel during some of the major occasions of your life will color those memories for you, and if you’re lucky enough to have her as your photographer it’s doubly nice to remember the good cheer and warm spirit that she brought to them. It’s also really important that she values and appreciates all body types, and will make you feel comfortable and beautiful to the best of her ability during your shoot. Because (shocker) human beings come in all sizes, and those of us who fall outside the runway’s sanctioned circumference aren’t second class citizens. Jaime understands that stripping away years of conditioning to believe you have no business having pictures taken of you (instead of hiding in the back of a group shot) is no easy feat, and she takes on this challenge with kindness and correctness. I highly recommend Hidden Exposure Photography, for photos and for friendship."

— Tess Dixon


My name is Jaime Patterson. I’m an inclusive, body-positive, LGBTQIA-affirming photographer based out of Richmond, VA. I specialize in lifestyle/family, portrait, wedding, and boudoir photography. And I want to help bring your stories to life — to share who you are with the world, with your loved ones, and with the incredible human being you see every day when you look in the mirror.






Richmond, Virginia

Price Range

Weddings US$2500 - $3000
Portraiture and family sessions US$325
Boudoir US$400 - $525

Travel Policy

I love to travel and would love to come to you to capture your special day. Travel fees to vary based on location and how I need to get there. We can iron out the details as we talk more.

Elopement Policy

I love elopements and will work with you to come up with the proper package to adequately capture you unique love day story.

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